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Whataburger Survey Procedure Guide

In case if you have recently dined at a whataburger location, and you have attempted and completed Whataburger Survey to avail survey code and you should take advantage to enjoy survey prizes; learn how in our Whataburger Survey Guide below.

whataburger survey

WhataburgerSurvey Rewards

This survey guide has many surprising rewards for all of its clients, this greatly appreciates the customer feedback. For the encouragement of their clients to participate in this special survey, Whataburger offers a reward for successfully completing it.

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Just after the survey has been taken what a burger survey would provide you a coupon. You can redeem this at any of the whataburger restaurant coupon will come in the form of a validation code. You need to write down this validation code on your Whataburger receipt.

To receive the coupon, you have to keep your whataburger receipt. This coupon would come in the form of a validation code. You just need to insert down this code of validation on your receipt. To redeem your coupon offer, you need to bring the receipt with code on it the next time you dine at Whataburger. Each of the customer is entitled to one coupon and every one expires in 30 days from the date of its purchase.

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WhataBurger Survey Needs and Requirements

In the very beginning, you have to meet in order to participate in the Customer Survey. you should have a recent receipt to complete the Survey requirements. Your receipt contains a Whataburger survey code that you need to use to start answering questions. The receipt must be no older than 3 days.

You’ll be having a completion code after the completion of the survey, kindly write it on your receipt in the required area under the Validation Code. The next time you go to a Whataburger restaurant, you need to present your Whataburger coupon (the receipt itself) when you order.

Also you’ll be needing a good internet connection on your device as the WhataburgerSurvey can only be taken online.

Completion Process

  • Go to Whataburger survey official page at
  • Also search the whataburger survey from the main website.
  • If you chose to access the Whataburger survey through, you will need to enter the Whataburger restaurant number to access the survey itself.
  • After the above step, you’ll be redirected to The WhataburgerSurvey completion steps are the same.
    whataburgersurvey page screenshot
  • With the help of two ways you can easily proceed with the survey. One is that if you have What a burger survey code on your receipt you can remain on the first page and type in the code in the three separated fields on your screen (like in the screenshot above). Your code should be on the bottom half of your screen. If you have any troubles finding it you can consult the sample receipt provided by Whataburger.
  • In case you are not having a survey code then click the link provided below in the blank field…
    screenshot of whataburgetsurvey page store number
  • You will have to give the store number. You can find it on the top half of your receipt.
  • Mention the type of your visit : Drive-thru, Dine in or Carry Out. Press Next after you answer each of the questions in the survey. Just before the start of your survey.
  • Now, rate your general satisfaction with the services and products you during your visit.
  • You can answer each question as honestly as possible..
  • Once you have completed the What a burger survey you will receive the validation code Write this code on your receipt. And don’t forget to take it with you the next time you go to Whataburger!

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Useful Links

We suggest you enable cookies and JavaScript for, the Whataburger survey website.

Also check your internet connection so you could be safe from any kind of lag.

You can call the Whataburger home office number, which is 210-476-6000. For more information about Whataburger coupons, menus and offers visit

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