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 Watch live TV on iPhone [New Method 2018]

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Sometimes when it’s the day of your favorite TV show and you are stuck in the office or in university, you just wish for a magic wand that would turn your phone in to a TV screen. In fact to Watch Live TV on iPhone or iPad is a great way to kill time but the issue arises when you have to go through the trouble of jailbreaking your iPhone to enjoy this feature.

Today this post will guide you on a fully functional method that you can adopt to Watch Live TV on iPhone including the sports channels, news, fashion TV and entertainment within the ease of your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak any of your devices. This method works on the versions of iOS 7 and onwards. Hence let’s not waste any more time and get on with the tutorial that will make the screen of your iPhone your TV screen and yes folks, no Cydia is needed to do this.

However before we proceed, make sure that the website Intech-BB will not be held liable for any copyrights repercussions that you may infringe upon in turn of this tutorial.  You yourself are responsible for all actions that you take so check your Internet laws before you move on with the procedure.

Watch live TV on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak?

Related image iphone live tv

  1. See that your iPhone is fully charged and in connection with a stable and reliable internet connection available in your vicinity.
  2. Then launch the Safari Browser app on the same iPhone or iPad in use and click this link. You can also copy this URL and paste it in the address bar of your Safari Browser to access the required page.
  3. When this links successfully loads the page, click on the arrow that shows the down sign right beside the logo of iOS. For better understanding see the image below.
  4. Now a pop up window will appear on your screen requiring your consent if you wish to install the Smart TV App or not. Choose to Install.
  5. Then click the Home Button and allow the App to get installed on your iDevice. This app will not be launched and will show you an error.
  6. To fix this, once the App has been installed, visit the icon for Settings then go to General and then to Profile and now make sure you tell your phone to trust SSH Engineering.
  7. Visit your home screen and now open the installed Smart TV APP. This time this app will be launched normally and you will be looking at a pop up window requiring you to enter a code for the Live TV. This app operates on the IPTV subscription.
  8. In the place of the code, enter the following number 510011420599270 and click the button OK. The app will perform the verification of the code and will give you two options: One would be the IPTV option and the other would be video on demand. Choose the option for IPTV and you will see many TV channels that can be watched for free without any charges.

See to it that you are on a Wi-Fi that is enabled with an unlimited data plan since streaming of the live TV can suck up a lot of your precious and expensive mobile data. Not all of the listed TV channels have been tested to be operating but many of them do work fine including the beinsports.

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