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TVMC APK- The best add-on equipped alternative for Kodi!

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If you have been searching for a complete solution to all the requirements of your Kodi, then you should turn towards TVMC APK file. We hope that you are already aware on what Kodi and XBMC are. Kodi was initially referred as XBMC and essentially provides you with a platform that you can use to operate more than one add-on simultaneously which will then let you see any film or TV show you wish to watch on your weekend home or at a sleepover.

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Kodi in itself doesn’t have any add-on in its package and in fact you will have to do the add-on installation manually at anytime you wish to. This can be a daunting task for a lot of people however with TVMC APK; you will not have to face any hassle in this regard. It is accompanied by all pre built add-on that you may require in future.  In this post we are planning on giving you a quick review on the TVMC app and will also provide you with a download link for the TVMC APK file.

What is TVMC APK?

TVMC is essentially a custom made fork for XBMC/Kodi. If you have installed Kodi on to your Android device just as the Amazon Fire Stick, you will be required to add these custom repositories and then you can select any add-on you wish to install. If you are using Kodi for the first time, then this may seem painful however luckily TVMC is accompanied with all of the well known add-ons that any user may require in future.

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It is also accompanied by performance improvement packages that may give you a totally new experience with Kodi. Apparently TVMC is same as KODI but this particular package is an all in one solution instead unlike the bare-bone Kodi.

What is included in the TVMC Package?

You must also be thinking that what sort of add-ons and performance improvement tools does the package of TVMC APK include? To answer this we have also compiled a list of few of the add-ons and tools that the manufacturers of TVMC have given in the package.

When it comes to the Video Add-ons TVMC APK is equipped with all the famous ones such as 1Channel, Alluc, Castaway, Exodus, SALTS(Stream All The Sources), Sports Devil, Velocity, cCloud TV, USTV Now and many others that can make your experience a whole lot better.

While in the music section you will find add-ons like Radio, Sound Cloud, Apple iTunes Podcasts, Digitally Imported, Broadcastify and many more. The add-ons for Programs include the famous NaviX, Add-on Installed and Maintenance add-on that will keep your TVMC operating as if it is brand new.

Can TVMC APK be Downloaded from the Google Play Store?

If you are thinking that maybe you can find an app for TVMC in your Google Play Store just like you fetch everything else from there, then the answer to this is “No”. You cannot get TVMC from the Play Store because it doesn’t deem fit on the legal terms and conditions set forth by the Google Play Store. Initially, the TVMC was indeed available on the Google Play Store and anyone could easily download it from the Play Store without any hassle but now it isn’t available anymore.

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However there is a fix to this, you can access the TVMC APK file and then make use of it just like you use any other ordinary Android App. In order to download the TVMC APK file, you can skip down the post and you will be able to see the TVMC APK file download link.

Will TVMC APK work on an Android phone?

Android operating system is commonly in use in most of the smart phones that are manufactured these days. You may be aware that the TVMC APK will easily operate on your Android device without any significant hiccups.

TVMC is not only an app for Android but you can download it also on your Mac and Windows PC’s and then complete its installation in form of a normal program but for iOS, sorry folks!

TVMC APK Download

If you have made a decision for downloading the TVMC APK file and utilize it in the app for Kodi then we would tell you that it is indeed a wise decision and you will never feel bad for making it. We have also given you a direct link for TVMC APK download and all you need to do is hit the download Button and you will access the TVMC APK file in your Android device.


In the conclusion we would tell you that TVMC is indeed the top most alternate option for Kodi especially when you don’t want to go through the trouble of separately downloading all add-ons that you may need.

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