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Use Wi-Fi Direct to Transfer files Between iphone And Android !

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Every passing day is bringing endless opportunities in both iOS and Android worlds as the two compete to bring the best of collections of their apps in their stores. You can turn your smart phone into a Richter scale in case of an earthquake; download games to enhance your typing especially if you have brought a new phone and schedule snooze modes or silent profiles for when you are in a meeting or class; all thanks to advancements in iOS and Android.

If you have to transfer files from your iPhone to Mac, the task can be done in a heartbeat but when it comes to transferring files from iPhone to PC you need jailbreak however where most people get stuck is when they have to transfer files between iphone and Android. Consequently we are bringing you a well compiled article intending to train you on how to make use of Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files between iphone and Android device without making your phone go through the disasters of jailbreaking.

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However before we start let’s get this into your knowledge that Apple devices don’t support Wi-Fi Direct, Apple in future may decide to do something about it but for now it stands where it is. Without wasting any more time let’s get on to our agenda for today.

How to Transfer files between iPhone And Android using Wi-Fi direct?

  1. Shareit is an app that will be used in this tutorial to transfer files from iOS to Android or vice-versa. You can find this app for free on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android.
  2. When this Shareit App has been installed on both of the devices in use, launch it on the respective phones.
  3. On the Android device, click on the button which says Start and set up a name for your Android device.
  4. How to use wifi direct between iphone
  5. Then you will be looking at the screen as shown in the image below. Click on the button that says Receive. Then if you wish to send something from your Android phone to iPhone, move down to the next section of our article.
  6. how to transfer files in iPhone using wifi
  7. When you click on the Receive button, it will launch the Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android device so that you can connect.
  8. Then coming to your iPhone, launch the Shareit app and click the Send button. Then choose all the photos and videos you want to transfer to your Android Phone and click OK.
  9. Your iPhone will naturally begin searching for nearby iOS devices, you must click on the button “Connect non iOS devices”. A pop up will be shown on your screen requiring your consent to connect to the hotspot. Connecting to hotspot is essential because iOS does not work with Wi-Fi direct.
  10. You will now be looking at the screen as shown in the image below, enable the connection to your hotspot corresponding to the Android phone and click on Shareit.hen.
  11. how to use wifi direct in iPhone
  12. The moment you click on “Back to Shareit”, the files will begin getting transferred to your Android device through the Wi-Fi direct.

How to Transfer files from Android to iPhone using Wi-Fi Direct?

The method of transferring files from Android to iPhone is pretty much same as the previous one but creates confusion as there is no Wi-Fi Direct compatibility on iOS and instead Wi-Fi hotspot has to be used from the Android phone.

  1. Take your iPhone, launch the Shareit app and click on the Receive button and the device will start searching for any iOS device naturally, so you must click the button for “Connect non iOS devices” and you will be looking at this pop-up Window.
  2. how to transfer files in iPhone using wifi direct
  3. Then coming to the Android Phone, click the button that says Sent and you will be asked to choose all the files you wish to send to the iOS device.
  4. When you have chosen all the files of interest, click the button which says Send and then press “Connect to iOS/WP”.
  5. transfer big files from iPhone to android without wifi network
  6. Then you must be looking at a pop-up as shown beneath, click the button which says Continue to proceed ahead.
  7. How to use wifi direct in iPhone iOS 7/8/9
  8. The process of enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot will begin and you will be asked to get your iPhone in connection with the Android device.
  9. Coming back to your iPhone click the button which says “Connect to hotspot Now” and Shareit will access the settings for Wi-Fi where you will be looking at the listed Wi-Fi networks.
  10. Now you must get in connection with the network and click on the button for “Back to Shareit” breadcrumb and your files will begin getting received on your iPhone from Android.

If you have followed these steps carefully and correctly, you will have successfully transfer files between iPhone and Android. Don’t forget it to share this with your friends and family!

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