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Satisfaction Survey for the Wendy’s Customers/Clients at

Many people know about Wendy but many of them are unaware of its history, let us take a look at the history of Wendy. It was first known by Dave Thomas in Ohio US and now, everyone is aware of it due to it’s worldly fame. It’s now known as the Third Best and the largest Joint in the whole world. It almost has more than 6,000 distributions in the world. This survey is available at talktowendys


The Red logo gives a complete Hunger look for the food. this was based on Dave Thomas’ redheaded fourth daughter whose middle name was Wendy and her nick name as well. She was known as Melinda Lou “WENDY” Morse. And if you take a look at the image in ithe logo, It’s that girl.

If you have visited Wendy’s then do inform us with your response. at

Note: To qualify for the survey, you should have visited recently.

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Procedure of taking a Survey at

  • Do a purchase..
  • Take care of your receipt, don’t lose it.
  • Visit Wendy’s Survey Website and utilize the code on the receipt.
  • Save the code for the next visit within 14 days for a free SANDWICH…. 😀

Home Screen or the Survey

Here I’ve mentioned the visual that displays the home screen of the survey. homepage

Rules and Regulations

  • Validation of the code is for only 14-days.
  • There is a One time use of coupon per 30 days.

    Survey Prizes

    • Coupon for a BOGO Spicy Chicken or Dave’s single sandwich.

Contact Wendy’s

Start Survey

I hope that you like the guide and are awaited to avail this survey, Believe me you can take many advantages from that. So as per my suggestion, do avail that. If there is any issue regarding talktowendys survey Guide, then no need to panic, Just inform us in the comment section below, and we will make it sure to reply as soon as possible, Till then Enjoy….. 😀

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