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Social Duplicator-Your Multiple Accounts Manager!

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Slices is a Cydia Tweak that has been highly popular among iPhone users as it provides you the chance for you to use more than one accounts on a single social network. Social duplicator which was launched for iOS 9 is another useful tweak that performs the same function as Slices did however the Slices package comes with some added tools and features that you may not get to enjoy in Social Duplicator.

Slices for iOS 9 – Social Duplicator iOS 9

With the use of Slices, you will be able to share your Apple Device such as your iPhone or iPad within your social circle and they will be able to use their personal social media accounts on one Apple device. This tweak has the ability to operate at the core of the OS level within your iOS device.

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You can also sync your previous game scores that you have established on different social media accounts; whether it is Clash of Clans or Candy Crush, your iDevice will not let you lose your game score and will sync it across all of your social media profiles. When you will open the games, which would have synced their score, a pop up window will be shown asking you on to which account you would want to sync your scores further.

This particular tweak is a lot more useful on iPads than on iPhones because iPads are more of a common device in use of families and iPhones are mostly for personal use. If you are in search for the Social Duplicator on your iDevice then give Slices app a chance, it exactly mimics what the Social Duplicator does.

Slices for iOS- A Free Repo

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Slices can be accessed at the Big Boss repo at a cost of $1.99 but you can make use of it without paying anything although we would still emphasize that using it for free is ethically and morally wrong and you should proceed with it at your own risk.  You can take a shot at this tweak for once and when you are satisfied, and then you can go on buying it from its original manufacturer source.

It cannot be denied that Slices is indeed a popular tweak and can be accessed on the following sources available on Cydia. Though there can be other sources for this tweak as well but a few trusted and reliable ones can be accessed below. All you have to do is click any one of these and move ahead by following the on screen shown instructions.


Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social networking platforms are compatible to run on Slices which can be a good thing since these days everyone has multiple social media accounts.

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Note: As many of you would be aware that after the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 got available for iPhones and other iDevices, Slices initially did not give support to this version of the jailbreak of iOS 9.3.3. Hence if you see any errors in the opening of the apps or if you see that an app isn’t getting launched like it should be then it is possible that the app is in confliction with other installed tweaks. You should give uninstalling some of these tweaks a shot and this may solve the issue at hand while allowing you to use Slices apps easily.

So folks, this is all there is for the Social Duplicator use. If you have already used Slices then tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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