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Snapchat Hack iPhone- Tricks around your Snap stories!

Snapchat inevitably has been the most hyped about social platform in recent times mainly because it introduced a new perspective to social networking with its 24 hour diminishing stories which has literally everyone hooked. If you are a Snapchat lover then you will adore this post because we will talk about Snapchat Hack iPhone without having to jailbreak your device. The famous title for the hacked version of Snapchat is called the Snapchat++ for iPhone.

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How to use Snapchat Hack iPhone without jailbreak using Snapchat++?

In order to use the Snapchat++ Hacked version on iPhone, you will require a lightning cable to connect your iDevice. Now all you have to do is read and follow the steps described below:

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  1. The first thing you need to do is delete the app of Snapchat from your iPhone because this may cause trouble with the Snapchat++ app.
  2. Then see that you have iTunes downloaded on your PC. The iTunes don’t need to be used but they must be installed.
  3. Now get your iPhone in connection with your PC and shut the app of iTunes down in case its opened.
  4. Get the latest IPA file of Snapchat downloaded using the link ahead.
  5. You should also have Cydia Impactor downloaded.
  6. Complete the extraction of the Cydia Impactor zip file within your PC and if you are using the Windows 10, then make sure you don’t go for the option to “Open as Administrator”
  7. Then pick, drag and drop the IPA file of Snapchat++ within the Cydia Impactor. You shouldn’t tap on anything here in the Cydia Impactor, simply drag and drop the IPA file.cydia impactor related image
  8. Cydia Impactor will require you to sign in using a valid Apple ID. If you are concerned about security you can use another Apple ID for this purpose.cydia impactor for using Snapchat Hack on iPhone
  9. The IPA file will then login through the Apple ID. Give it some moments and it will appear on your iPhone.
  10. When this has finished installing on your iPhone, visit the section for Settings > General > Profiles where you must trust the developer of the profile to be able to use the Snapchat++.
  • Video Tutorial :


Update: Get Ultimate Snapchat Hack iPhone without Jailbreak :

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Snapchat Hack on iPhone was disabled and no longer worked however the Snapchat Hack is back and there are two ways you can install it on your iPhone both of which are explained below for your ease.

  1. Access the using your iPhone through the Safari browser. When you are directed to the page assigned, click on “Regular” given at the top right side of the page.
  2. Then tap on the install button given in green and let the installation finish itself when it requires your consent to proceed.
  3. Give this app some time to finish installing and when this is done installing itself you must visit the section for Settings on your iPhone and then go to General > Profiles where you will be able to find the profile developer option that you must trust or else the Snapchat Hack will not open.
  4. When you have trusted the certification, launch the Tutu App from your Home Screen and start searching for Snapchat. You will be looking at both the original Snapchat along with the Snapchat Hack on iPhone.
  5. Choose the Snapchat++ app and complete its installation.
  6. You will be asked for permission to go on with installation. Click on Install and allow it to appear on your Home Screen.
  7. Trust the hacked Snapchat version as well by going to the Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and once again trust Snapchat++ profile developer the same way you did for others.
  8. That’s it you have now access the ultimate Snapchat Hack on iPhone without even needing a PC.

Update 2: How to Install Snapchat Hack iPhone without Jailbreak without Computer?

If the above method doesn’t work out for you then there is another method that you can adopt to download the Snapchat Phantom without computer, which is described below in detail:

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  1. The first thing you must do is access this link from within the Safari browser of your iPhone and keep scrolling below till you find the option for “Install Cyrus”.
  2. Click the Install button and you will be directed to the Settings section in the iPhone where you should complete the installation of the developer profile for the Cyrus store. This is an alternative to Cydia which works without Home Screen.
  3. When the installation has been completed, you can move on to access the Cyrus from your Home Screen.
  4. Now for the Snapchat++ app, you should access the folder called “Social” in the Cyrus Store where you will be able to install Snapchat Hack  iPhone along with some other modded social apps.
  5. Here you must also remember to Trust the developer profile for the Snapchat Hack by going through the traditional of Settings > General > Profiles section.


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