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Snapchat 2- An Enhanced Experience on Real Time Social Networking!

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If you are obsessed with Snapchat and all its features particularly its face filters and the fact that stories auto destruct themselves after a 24 hour period then the good news for you is Snapchat 2! You can now go through an enhanced exhilarating experience of the Snapchat world with 2 Snapchats. This article will guide you on how to download and install Snapchat 2 on your iDevice without going through the trouble of Jailbreaking. So what is the wait? Simply keep reading and get your Snapchat 2 on your iPhone without a PC or the need to Jailbreak!

How to Get Snapchat 2 without jailbreak and without a PC ?

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Before we get on with the details of the method which will let you install Snapchat 2 on your iPhone device, it is imperative that it comes into your knowledge that this version of Snapchat is not an official Snapchat App. If you are worried about the safety of your iDevice then it is advised that you don’t move ahead with this procedure and Intech-bb cannot be held responsible in case you run into trouble or if your device malfunctions. Now we can get on with the steps that you should follow to install Snapchat 2 on your iPhone:

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  1. Of course before starting any online work, it is essential that you check that your iDevice is in connection with a  trustworthy and stable internet access.
  2. The first thing you need to do is download and install the original Snapchat from the Apple App Store. So if you don’t have it already installed, visit your App Store, search for Snapchat and download it.
  3. Now access the Safari from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This procedure will not operate on any other web browser and only on Safari. Your iDevice must be in connection with a reliable Wi-Fi access or Mobile data.
  4. Then access this link. This link will direct you to the page from where you can install Snapchat 2 easily. This would be a molded version of original Snapchat and has its own identification through which it can operate as a separate App on your iDevice.
  5. Click the button which says “Install App” given in green and it will require you to give your consent for the App’s Installation.
  6. Click “Install” option in the window that pops upon. When the installation starts itself visit back the Home Screen and you will find Snapchat 2 installing itself on your iDevice’s Home Screen.
  7. When the app is getting installed, visit Settings and go to General and to the Settings for Date and Time. Set the date to any day in the year 2014. Visit back the Home Screen and wait till the Snapchat 2 App finishes installing itself.
  8. When you see that Snapchat 2 has installed itself, just wait, don’t launch the app yet. Visit the Settings and go to General and back to Date & Time Settings. Now you should set this date to Automatic.
  9. Visit the Settings go to General and then to Profile & Device Management. In this section you must trust the manufacturer of the App Developer.
  10. When you have done this, you can go back to your Home Screen and use both the Snapchat Apps as much as you want.

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If you ever decide to uninstall the Snapchat 2 you must think multiple times because once uninstalled you may never be able to install it again if you ever want to. If you found this tutorial useful, you should share it with your friends and family and keep coming back for more interesting tips and tricks.

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