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SMS Backup and Restore- A guide you need!

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When we switch phones or when our phone gets snatched or stolen there are important text messages that go along with it so wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a method to create a backup of these messages which can be viewed on PC? Today we are bringing you a SMS Backup and Restore Guide. In this post we have posted in detail tutorial for both operating systems of iOS and Android which are famous around the world. However other devices such as Blackberry can also be included under the category for Android.

The main inspiration for this guide came from our very own users who constantly search on methods for SMS Backup and Restore.  Hence users keep reading and do give us your feedback in the comments section below.

SMS Backup and Restore for iOS to view on computer

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For the platform of iOS, the procedure is easy and straightforward, all you have to do is complete the download and installation of the software which has to be purchased but you can trial run for free. This software is called the Backuptrans iPhone SMS Backup & Restore so you must keep reading the steps below to complete its installation.


  1. You first need to check that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your PC however if you are an Apple user then of course you would already have it.
  2. Once the software has been successfully downloaded, complete its installation just like you would for any other software.
  3. After the installation, launch it open and you will be looking at a pop up window requiring the license verification. We advise you to buy the license as the trial period is limited.
  4. If you are worries about the privacy of your device then we assure you this is safe to proceed with.
  5. Using the lightning cable get your phone connected to your PC.
  6. This software will scan for your iPhone and will open a pop up for the prompts you must follow.
  7. There are three tasks you have to complete first one of which is to unlock your iDevice using the lock screen then go to the Settings and switch off the iCloud Backup then switch off the backup encryption using the iTunes.
  8. Tap on OK option given on the pop up and this software will begin reading all text messages on the iPhone.
  9. When the software has finished reading the text messages it will display the detailed information of all your conversations.
  10. Choose the conversations you wish to create a backup of on your PC and then hit Export as file option. It will provide you the button for backing up the messages in form of a text file, MS Word file or as a spreadsheet.
  11. Then you can enjoy viewing your text messages of your iPhone on your PC.

SMS Backup and Restore for Android to view on PC

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If you are the user of Android then the procedure is even simpler than that for the iOS and quiet similar to it in fact and there are multiple ways you can get this done on your Android phone. Hence a similar way of doing this on the Android device is described below for your ease.


  1. The very first task you have to accomplish is to successfully download the Backuptrans Android SMS Backup & Restore Software.
  2. Complete the installation of the Software and then launch it open. You will be looking at a license pop-up window asking for the verification.
  3. You can either ignore it or buy the license in case you are considering making use of it on daily basis.
  4. You must turn on the USB Debugging for your Android phone by going to the section of Settings on your phone and then to the About section where you must tap on Build Number many times at least 7 times to turn on the Developer choices in the Settings.SMS Backup and Restore ways
  5. Go to the section for Settings and then to the Developer Options where you must turn on the USB Debugging. It can also be called as the Android Debugging.SMS Backup and Restore methods
  6. You must then complete the installation of the USB drivers for your android phone. This will be different for every manufacturer. You must surf Google to check for your USB drivers and then complete their installation on your PC.
  7. Then you must get your Android phone in connection through a USB cable to your PC and once again launch the Backuptrans Android SMS Backup & Restore Software and you will find your Android device in the list there.
  8. Choose all the conversations and text messages which you wish to backup and then hit the button which says Export SMS.
  9. You must then save these conversations in the any of the following formats CSV, DOC or TXT and you are good to go.

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