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ShareCloud- Video sharing only 1 click away!

As the companies that manufacture Android smart phones are constantly springing up, it has become extremely difficult to transfer data from one phone on to another. Whether it is an image, audio file, video file, documents or an app, transferring it from phone of one brand to another is a daunting task.

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The difference of UI between these smart devices has left the users in complete confusion particularly when the EMUI of the brands Huawei and Color OS of Oppo are highly popular in the public. In this post today, we are planning on discussing this app which will allow you to easily share Apps, Games, Music, Videos and Pictures. The app is known under the name of ShareCloud APK file which can be downloaded using the link given below. If you are only reading this post for the download link, then feel free to skip rest of the article.

ShareCloud APK Download

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  • The download Button for the ShareCloud APK file is below  :


ShareCloud APK Review :

In case you are not aware, ShareCloud can easily be accessed on the Google Play Store and if you wish to directly download it then visit your Play Store and find the ShareCloud App for downloading. This review is intended for those users who don’t have the Google Play Store available on their Android phones or they wish to access the ShareCloud APK file for someone else.

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ShareCloud was designed to provide a solution to many of those Android users who run into common Android trouble. This will especially let you share your files with your friends and family without any trouble. It also gives you a platform through which you can easily share Apps, Games, Videos, Music files, Picture that is in your phone. It provides you multiple methods for sharing files. Some of the files sharing methods are listed below.

  • Bluetooth
  • Hot Spot (Without any Internet access or Mobile Data)
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Many more….

In case you haven’t observed that the offline files can be shared through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while the online files can be shared using Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Whatsapp and Social Networks.

How to use ShareCloud?

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Once ShareCloud has been downloaded, it is easy to use it. All you have to do is download and install the app on both of the devices in use using the Google Play Store or through the ShareCloud APK link. Then launch the ShareCloud App on both of the devices and follow the steps described below.

  1. The first thing that ShareCloud will require from you is to set both of your Android devices on their nicknames. If you have a nickname already set up for your Android devices, then skip this step.
  2. When you are in the app, choose the app or data file from the Android device you want to share from i.e. Candy Crush Game. Go to the section of Apps and tap the App you wish to share.
  3. Then hot the icon for sharing and ShareCloud will display all the ways that can be used to share this app on the other Android device. Choose Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for sharing locally without using Internet or choose any other alternate method for sharing it online using the internet. Choose Wi-Fi for a faster transfer.
  4. When you have made a decision on the method of sharing for instance the Wi-Fi, the app will generate a portable hotspot that the other Android device can use to get in connection with the first device.
  5. Then on the device receiving the date, click the link for download.
  6. Then the sender’s device will generate a Wi-Fi hotspot and the receiver’s device will begin scanning it.
  7. Choose the hotspot on the receiver’s phone and the connection will establish between the two devices.
  8. In the end the file in concern will be transferred using the selected method.  You may see a consent pop up window on both of the devices for transferring and receiving.

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