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Root External 2 Internal SD Guide – Apk Download [2018]

Android Smartphones have a wide range of tools that other smart devices aren’t equipped with. One of these tools is the possibility to increase the full storage of your device through\Micro SD Card. Even though this is a useful tool but Android really does not make use of the SD Card as a primary storage store hence to fix this you can change the internal storage for SD Card within the Root External 2 Internal SD App.Root External 2 Internal SD App

How to Download Root External 2 Internal SD APK :

Root External 2 Internal SD App was available in google but now it got removed from play store. But if you want this app then don’t worry you can download its Apk from here and see the below guide to know how to install this Apk.


How to install Root External 2 Internal SD?

The installation of Root External 2 Internal SD is same as for any other normal app for Android. If you already know how to download and install an APK file then you can skip this part of the tutorial.

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  1. Android has a Setting that doesn’t let installation of apps which aren’t from the Google Play Store such as APK files. To enable this, access the Settings section and go to Security where you must enable the option with the name of “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Then complete the downloading of the APK file for Root External 2 Internal SD app however if you have this downloaded then move to the next step.
  3. Access this APK file once it has done downloading by opening the “Downloads” section or your File Manager. Click the “Install” button and process of installation will start in a few moments.
  4. Now launch the Root External 2 Install SD app by opening up the app drawer and follow the described instructions below to use this app.

How to use Root External 2 Internal SD?

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You must first see that you have the backup of your Android phone’s content on your windows or on any cloud server because if your phone gets knocked out and you don’t have a back up then you will be in trouble. So let’s begin with the actual tutorial.

  1. Launch the Root External 2 Internal SD app on to your Android device and you will be asked for root access. You must tap the button that says “Grant” or “Allow” for root access window.
  2. When the app opens up, double click a setting and see that all of it is in place. You must look at the “at Boot” box which must have the check mark.
  3. Then go to the Settings in the app and place a checkmark right beside the “Send rescan” and “Use per default” sections. These may already be enabled but do double check for verification.
  4. Within the settings look for the “Use per default” option to find the Original Mounting points the external as well as the internal storage section of your phone.  These options will be detected by the app on its own.
  5. The only thing you must toggle with is the button under the name of “The Ext. sd card device access”. Insert the mounting point of your SD Card into this setting to allow it to operate.
  6. Click the “View the Different Devices” button using the Settings and keep scrolling down where you will be shown some options.
  7. Here you must search for the option which begins with any of the following “/dev/block/vold”.
  8. In the end, you must scroll up and hit the button which says “The Ext. sd card device access” to go to the path in step 7. Remember that every device has a different way and this tutorial we have described because it is a universal one.

Then visit the main screen to access the “Root External 2 Internal SD” app where you should tap on “External > Internal” button for the swap. If this all works out perfectly, you will see your SD Card in form of the Internal storage from within the Settings.

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