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Poot APK Download-The Guide that you really need!

If you wish to own access to your Android device at system level, then you need to root your phone. To do this, there are multiple techniques that you can adopt but the most famous method of doing it is by making use of the 1-click root apps such as the Kingoroot and Poot APK. In this post we are planning on discussing the download and installation procedure for the Poot APK.

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Note: If you root your Android phone, it is highly likely that you will void the warranty date. In such case, IntechBB will not take any liability on any damage to your device and hence you must proceed at your own dispense. The Android device will get bricked and may become totally useless.

A Quick review on Poot APK :

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Before we move on to the installation of Poot APK App, let’s talk about how the 1-click root apps operate so that you have a better understanding if the app fails you.

When these root apps were manufactured the only method of rooting an Android device was by taking assistance from a computer and this became a troublesome task. You needed special drivers and commands on your computer to complete the rooting process. However now with apps like Poot APK, you will be able to root your Android device without the need of a computer.

Apps like Poot APK files and Kingoroot, take advantage from the loopholes that are present by default in the Android devices for accessing at root level. Although with every new update, the loopholes are being catered to but still some small number of devices does support Poot.

Now coming to the Poot APK particularly, the app is manufactured @giantpune and has an extremely bad rapport within the community. This app operates by utilizing the services of Ministro service to help root your Android system.

Ministro is another app that was manufactured to play a role of a bridge in between various apps. It completes the installation of Qt libraries on your Android phone and Poot Apk is that app which needs such libraries to operate.

How to install Poot APK ?

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Installing the Poot APK is no rocket science and works like any other normal APK file. However it does need the services of Ministro to operate properly. Let’s now come to the actual procedure for installing the Poot file and its usage.

  1. You need to download the Poot APK file on your Android device in the first step. If you are taking assistance of a PC, then you will need t transfer the Poot APK file on to your Android device using a USB wire.
  2. Now only complete this step if you are completing the installation of any APK file for the very first time. Go to your Settings in your phone and open the Security section. Turn ON the option of ‘Unknown Sources’.
  3. Coming back to the app drawer, go to the Downloads or to your file manager. Launch the Poot file and you will be looking at the installation window.
  4. Click Install and wait for the Poot APK to complete the installation.
  • Download Poot APK :


How to use the Poot APK ?

When the Poot APK has been installed, you will require the Ministro app to further use it.

  • Launch the Poot app and it will show you a message for downloading the Ministro app. Hit the button for Download and you will be taken to the Play Store from where you can directly download the Ministro app or you can download the Ministro APK from here.


  • When it has been installed, launch the Poot App one more time, and this time the Poot will work. Keep following the shown prompts to complete rooting your Android phone without computer.

What to do when Poot APK app is not working ?

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If you see that the Poot is not operating on your device then no need to worry because many Android devices are equipped with a locked boot loader and you should unlock this to get to your Android system.

If you see that the Poot App isn’t operating then your device doesn’t support it. You can try your luck with other apps such as Kingoroot APK but you will require PC to complete the rooting process.

  • Video tutorial :


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