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Best Top 3 Pokevision Alternatives [2018] Updated !

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Can you reminisce the golden times when Pokemon Go was all that everyone roared about on social media and literally a new mobile addiction was introduced? We have discussed all amazing hacks to navigate across Pokemon Go maps and other tools that you can use to catch rare Pokemon species however Pokevision still stands out to be the best. The bad news is that the Pokevision was inhibited from serving its purpose as soon as it was launched hence in this post we will talk about the Top Three Pokevision Alternatives.

Some Features of Pokevision :

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Pokevision was launched with the idea that people shouldn’t have to waste hours and their energy in hunting for Pokemon’s since Pokemon is all about navigating around the city and catching Pokemon’s and this is what made the game highly popular in the world but extremely exhausting at the same time. So if you use Pokevision, you will be able to see all the Pokemon’s on the map and simply jump to the place in order to catch your Pokemon. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do this without having to leave the comfort of your couch?

Top 3 Pokevision Alternatives :

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1.     Go tools for Pokemon Go :

These tools are manufactured and launched by Poke Find and we must tell you that this is definitely the one which stands out among the Pokevision Alternatives. This tool can be accessed in form of a website and is also available on Apple App Store plus the Google Play Store. Apart from catching all of the rare Pokemon you can even make a submission of your own creativity in form of a Pokemon which you have seen on your navigation. This community is run by the Pokevision Alternatives and hence has an advantage in this competition of tools.  To be able to use the Go tools for Pokemon Go follow the guide written below.

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  1. Visit the following site and you will see here a tool that is quite the same as the Pokevision.
  2. Then complete the downloading process of the app which is compatible with your phone. Apple users must click the button for Apple AppStore while the Android users need to visit the Google Play Store.
  3. Once the app has finished downloading, you can open it to find any Pokemon you are looking for or you can comb your location by moving around the map.
  4. When you locate the Pokemon you were in search of, you can just go to the particular location in order to catch it.
  5. Poke find also has some other features as well for instance the IV and CP calculator which is in built within the app and can assist you well on your Pokemon Go hunting.

2.     Poke Huntr: One of the easiest of Pokevision Alternatives :

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If the Poke find doesn’t work out for you or if you are in search for an easier fix to Pokevision then Poke Huntr is should be your go-to Pokevision Alternative as it is the best Pokemon tracker out of the three in the loss. Poke find has a cluttered user interface but Poke Huntr is pretty straightforward.

What you see in Poke Hunter is a full-screen navigation map which you can use to move around and a search bar for searching Pokemon’s however the only drawback of this is that it can only be accessed using a website URL. You are also given a timer which would constantly tell you the time span for which a Pokemon will be present at a particular location. You will further be given directions if you tap on the Pokemon while to get the exact coordinates you must keep holding the ‘Get Directions’ link which you can then paste in the Pokemon Go Hack version.


3.     Go Tracker – For Android only :

If you are a Pokemon user then you must be aware of the fact that Niantic is hunting down all the Pokemon Go tracking maps but the good news is that some are still operating. Go Tracker is, in fact, one of these rare apps which are still working. If you are an Apple user then Go Tracker will not work as it can only be accessed using an APK file for Android.

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Just as in the Pokevision app the Go Tracker will also show you a map displaying all the nearby Pokemon’s so that you can catch them. If you wish to catch a rare Pokemon from another location on the map, simply copy and paste the coordinates and use the teleport tool to love to the location. The APK file for the Go Tracker can be accessed from their official website and its installation will proceed just like any other APK file for Android. If this apk file is not working then check this link .

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