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Instantly Level up in Pokemon Go with the Pokemon Go Simulator APK!

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Pokemon Go, when it was launched, took over all the hype on the internet and social media. It was literally the topic that was seen famously popping on all social media sites. As soon as the Pokemon Go was launched, so were its cheats and hacks supported both on Android and iOS devices. In fact succeeding in Pokemon Go game has gotten so competitive that people started marketing and selling high level Pokemon Go Accounts websites like EBay and Amazon.However if you are broke or don’t wish to spend on such accounts or place bids on EBay, then this article will guide you on all the interesting Pokemon Go hacks which will help you level up in the game instantly through the Pokemon Go Simulator APK!  You should keep reading and enjoy leveling up on your favorite game.

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How to instantly level up in Pokemon Go without root using Pokemon Go Simulator APK?

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Before we begin with the process of using the Pokemon Go Simulator APK file, there is something important that you must keep in mind.  Niantic is placing permanent bans on all such players who use hacks to level up in the game. We advise you to create a shadow account for such hacks because the truth is you will definitely get banned in near future. Let’s get started with the process of Pokemon Go Simulator APK:

  1. The first thing is to download the Pokemon Go App from your App Store or Play Store depending on the device you use. If you already have Pokemon Go App running in its hacked version on your device, you must delete it and download the app again.
  2. Then the next step would be successfully downloading and installing the Pokemon go Simulator bot apk file which can be done b clicking the link in blue. After this has downloaded, you must install the APK file on your phone just like you do for any other app.  You may have to turn on the option for Unknown Sources by visiting your Security Settings on your device.
  3. Once you see that both Pokemon Go App and the Pokemon Go Simulator APK file have successfully been installed, you should sign in using the shadow account. Complete the start up and catch your very first Pokemon.
  4. Visit your Home Screen and launch the Pokemon Go Simulator APK. You must access the menu and sign in with your login credentials of your shadow Pokemon Go Account.
  5. Once you are logged in to the account, use the maps to set up your location and click the Start button to proceed ahead.
  6. The Pokemon Go Simulator APK will then instantly begin catching all the Pokemons for your along with other good stuff.
  7. You must then stop this bot and launch your Pokemon Go game. You will then be looking at your instant progress in your Pokemon Go game.


That’s all folks for Pokemon Go hacks. We again emphasize that you should never use your original Pokemon Go Account for these hacks as your account will be forbidden for access on the game eventually. Create a fresh shadow account and enjoy all the hacks while keeping your original account safe.

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