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Pokemon Go Scanners- Your Real-Time Pokemon Go Assistant !

Are you also the one in search for efficient trackers and scanners for Pokemon Go that operate even after the launch of the Generation II? If you are then you have definitely ended up on the right post because here we are bringing you a list of the best Pokemon Go Scanners to help you track Pokemon’s around the map.

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In order to find and catch all of the Pokemons of the second generation and instantly finish your Pokedex tasks then it is inevitable that you need to work with real-time Pokémon Go Scanners which can greatly assist you in location all the Pokemons lurking around in your vicinity so that you know where you will be able to find each. We are bringing you The Top Three Pokemon Go Scanners in this post that you can use to move ahead in the game.


PokeTrack is one of the most exceptional of the Pokemon Go Scanners particularly manufactured for the Android devices such as phones and tablets. This Scanner can easily track all available Pokemons in the vicinity and it is smart enough to give the list of names, moves, levels and details of other features for each of the Pokemon that you can potentially catch.

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The PokeTrack app supports filtration using which you can select the Pokemon you are want to catch (this option will help find all the rare and legendary Pokemon), and then configure the app to send you a notification every time the specified Pokemon is found. Moreover, you can set a custom notification sound so you know when the Pokemon is tracked.

The manufacturers of the Poke Track app has associated its tools with Google Maps for locating, tracking and navigating to the precise locations of Pokemon’s on the maps. You can even find the nearest Poke-stops and Gyms so you don’t need to lurk around haplessly searching for all. Poke Track also provides you the ability to set traps in order to lure Pokemon’s to get trapped. If you are ready then this Poke track App APK for Android can be downloaded from here.  You can also get this app from google play here is the link .


PokiiMap is another extraordinary tool in the collection of Pokemon Go Scanners which lets you track Pokemons and display you all the spawns on the map so that you don’t have to waste time moving around looking for Pokemons. PokiiMap is a scanner full of features for Android devices with multiple tools that will assist you in catching all the Pokemons to finish your Pokedex.

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You can use Google or PTC account to access PokiiMap and you can customize the app with filters and notifications which will notify you about all the Pokemon’s you really want to catch. The Pokemon’s which will be shown on the PokiiMap will be listed with all their stats including their bio data such as their name, levels, IVs and powers they come up so that you can better analyze the ones you wish to catch and the ones that aren’t worth your energy. You should also know that PokiiMap is the tool that can only be used for sniping the Pokemon’s and if you wish to download it than the PokiiMap app APK for Android devices can be accessed from here.


Poke Sensor is one of those Pokemon Go Scanners that doesn’t need to be subscribed to and can be personalized in terms of tracking distance and canning speeds with increased capability for high definition scanning of Pokemon’s. The app has a user friendly interface with simple configurations that anyone can get accustomed to.

This Pokemon Go Scanner will assist you in locating and tracking all the Pokemons with their complete details such as their IVs and powers etc. However all the settings of this app need to be set manually but folks the outcome is definitely worth every bit of your time. The PokeSensor has the ability to scan a vicinity of 2000-meter radius to give you the details of all the hiding Pokemons in your area. Furthermore this app will also notify you when a Pokemon is located in your vicinity.

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The hardworking developers of this app have dedicated all their resources to keep the app updated by closing all the loopholes while all the features and best of tools are introduced to make your Pokemon Go Hunting experience a memorable one.if you wish to download it than the Poke-sensor app APK for Android devices can be accessed from here.

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