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Pokemon Go Hack For Android – All Shortcuts you Need to know !

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Pokemon Go Hacks is what everyone is after these days especially after the competition in the Pokemon Go game has increased however Android platforms have huge differences between them and these hacks may not work on all devices depending on the variable of Android one is using. Hence keep reading because in this post we will talk about how to use Pokemon Go Hack for Android.

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How to use Pokemon Go Hack for Android without root?

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Before we begin let us clarify that we will not be responsible if your Pokemon Go Account gets banned because you used the Pokemon Go Hacks to proceed ahead hence proceed at your own risk.

  1. Complete the installation of the Pokemon Go Game on your Android device using the Play Store available on your phone.
  2. Then download the app called Fly GPS. This is that app which lets you mask with a fake location including the Joystick so that you can freely move in your game without actually having to move from your couch.
  3. Once both of the above-mentioned apps have been successfully installed on your Phone, you must visit the Settings section of your phone and then go to “About”. Click the option for “Kernel version” till a confirmation appears that you are a developer now.
  4. Then launch the Developer Options in the Settings section and click the “Mock Locations”. It will then display the FlyGPS on the next screen. Choose the Fly GPS option.
  5. Now open up the settings for Location your location is set upon High Accuracy. This will not fly off if you only have GPS enabled this is because the FlyGPS needs the setting for High Frequency which helps in location hacks in Pokemon Go.
  6. Your location history should also be switched ON.
  7. After the location settings, open the FlyGPS app where you will find a map. Simply go to the location where you wish to hack the Pokemon Go by simply tapping on the location.
  8. Then click “Please Select the menu” and choose “GPS Service Run” and “Joystick Location Mode”.
  9. You will now be looking at a pop up telling you that the spoofing is successfully done. Simply open the Pokemon Go on your phone and you will find that you are at the place which you tapped on in the Fly GPS map. You will also find a joystick with which you can move yourself to a fake location.

How to Keep Pokemon Go Hacks working without getting banned?

There are many people who get their Pokemon Go Account banned because they leave footprints of the Pokemon Go Hacks behind and the Niantic then puts a soft ban on you. So let’s look into why this happens and how can this be avoided?

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Firstly never hack your location in Pokemon Go to an extent that it becomes apparent that you are using hacks to get along in the game. For instance, if you are using Pokemon Go Hacks to travel from one town to another within a few seconds then it doesn’t need the genius to figure out that you are using hacks. So keep moving within one location and make it seem legit.

Also do not close the Pokemon Go App when the location is hacked, for example, if you are at one location and you suddenly close the game then when you will launch it again after some time you will be back in your home. This is an apparent footprint of Pokemon Go Hacks that you are leaving behind because no normal human being can apparate around in minutes. So when you are about to close the game, use the joystick to walk back to your home and then close the game. If you see a “Walk back to home” button then you must definitely use that and when you are in your home, then close the game.  This way hopefully you will not get banned from the Pokemon Go Game.

How to access Pokemon Go Hacks for location on Android?

Many individuals complain that they cannot get the above guide to operate for their Android phone. This is due to different manufacturers of each of the Android devices that are being launched these days. For instance this may work on newer Android phones and may fail on older versions. However the good news is that there is indeed a way that can get the Pokemon Go Hacks to work on any Android device whether new or old.

  1. The first task that you need to accomplish is by downloading the tutu app by visiting this link.
  2. Then visit the section for Settings on your Phone and go to Security and see to it that the option for Unknown Sources is switched on in the enabled mode.
  3. Then visit the file manager of your Android phone and complete the installation of this APK file on your phone and then launch it open.
  4. You can locate the Pokemon Go Hack for android here just move ahead and complete the download from within the Tutu App.
  5. If you can’t find the Pokemon Go Hack for Android from Tutu App then you can download the hack version of Pokemon from this link .
  6. When this successfully downloads, complete its installation. Visit the file manager and complete the installation of the APK file for Pokemon Go.
  7. Then delete the tutu app for good if you wish to. Now go ahead and enjoy playing the Pokemon Go hack for Android phone without rooting the phone.
  • Video Tutorial :

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