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Pokemon Duel Hack- All that you need to know!

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Many people think that Pokemon Duel was launched as a new game however this isn’t true in fact, Niantic kept this game in Japan for almost a year before it was decided that the game should be introduced in the West as well.

In this post, we will talk about the details of Pokemon Duel hack that can be enjoyed on iOS without a jailbroken iDevice or any Android device without having to root access it.  We will also talk on how to access unlimited number of gems without filling lengthy surveys. Before we begin with this post, let us talk briefly about Pokemon Duel as a game and how can it be played or won.

Pokemon Duel Overview :

Pokemon Duel is not a strategic game like Pokemon Go is that requires a constant connection to the internet. It needs an active and reliable internet connection because the game requires more than one player to play and can easily be downloaded on Android as well as iOS free of cost within the in-app purchases.

The main theme underlying this game is that a battle field is set up and there are two competing sides to it. Each side is from one of the players that are connected with the Niantic servers. Each of these players has their own army comprising of Pokemon just like in the game of Chess.

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Imagine if one of the players is you so when you start playing Pokemon Duel, the opponent team will move their Pokemons when it’s their turn. Both side of the players are given a pad and the main objective of the game is to win by reaching your opponent’s pad without letting them reach yours first.

It may sound complicated however it is quite easy once you get into it and in fact very addictive as well. If you are on Pokemon Duel and the opponent gets to your pad in the five minutes of the battle, you will be defeated in the game however if you reach your enemy’s pad first then you will be the winner.

You must be wondering, where will these pokemons fighting each other? When the Pokemons of your opponent reach beside your own Pokemons, the battle will begin and whoever will win will be the one holding his place and the losing side will then have to see the dark consequences.

Apart from Pokemon Duel being a highly addictive game, the game has high end graphics as well hence the main fun in this game is its 3D graphics. We should now move on to the Pokemon Duel Hack which is the main purpose of this article to be used on the iOS device without jailbreaking it or on Android device without rooting it.

Pokemon Duel Hack without jailbreak or root :

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Let us first talk about if it is even possible to hack Pokemon Duel and in our opinion it isn’t and we do have logical reasons to support our view.

You will find numerous websites and YouTube video tutorials telling you how to access unlimited gem generators easily for Pokemon Duel and other games however I can tell you for sure that these are only scams. Once you give your username there you will be directed to a survey page and when you finish filling the survey, your inbox will be flooded with scams.

The most convenient way to understand is that you cannot access unlimited gems on the Pokemon Duel game which is an online game. Of course there are many hacks that can be used for games like 9 Ball Pool, Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go but you will never be able to access unlimited gems on any game that is online.

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Let us ask you a simple question and if you answer this question, it will save us tons of time. Niantic sells their gems, tickets and coins to their players on Pokemon Duel and that is how they generate profits from their game. Do you really think that Niantic will allow you to use hacks to bypass their system using just a few clicks? The company has invested millions of dollars on all such games including Pokemon Duel, will they ever let you get away with free gems?

One other reason to convince you that the Pokémon Duel Hack is nothing but scam is that Niantic wants you to keep playing this game as long you can and one way to do this is to get you to play until you are so addicted that it is hard to give it up.  This is the reason which makes a game addictive, No?

If you are still in search for the Pokemon Duel Hack even after this post then we feel sorry for you. If you found this post on Pokemon Duel Hack for iOS or Android without having to jailbreak or root any helpful then share it with your social circle and help them not get into any kind of scams.

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