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Online Multiplayer Android Games- A Comprehensive Guide

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Enjoying amazing games on Android is not something new in fact the gaming world is growing in terms of advancements every day. You will find many Online Multiplayer Android Games to download and enjoy from the Google Play Store. Multiplayer games are the most appropriate platform to stay in touch with other top gamers in the gaming community. In these multiplayer games, there are two types:

  • Local
  • Online

The Local Online Multiplayer Android Games can be enjoyed on one device and is manufactured for those who don’t have a stable and reliable internet connection and these can also be enjoyed if you don’t wish to compete with random players but with someone in your nearest vicinity. Below listed are those top five games which are counted under the category of  Local Online Multiplayer Android Games.

Top 5 Local Online Multiplayer Android Games

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1. Action For 2-4 players

This is a free of cost game that can be downloaded in the in-app purchases on the Google Play Store. Action for 2-4 players is basically a foot ball game which can be played locally between 2-4 competing players. The game keeps you engaged in the tank fight, foot ball game and car racing. These three gaming options altogether create an amazing combination for a quality gaming experience.

2. Fruit Ninja

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Fruit Ninja has also been a great hit in the gaming community and is one of those games that are rated as highly addictive. If you have ever played this game, then you would know it has an offline mode option which lets the player compete with people sitting beside them. The game is won by the one who cuts the maximum number of fruits and makes most combinations in the given time.


3. Glow Hockey

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Glow Hockey is kind of like an Air hockey game in fact it is a real time quality experience of an Air hockey game. The only thing that is unique in Glow Hockey is that you can make a goal by swiping on the touch screen instead of rotating your arm. The only goal in this game is to win by scoring as many goals as needed in the competition.


4. Bad Land

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Bad Land is a game which takes you through an exhilarating adventure which can be enjoyed by two local players. When you compete with your friend in the Bad Land, you must proceed through the stages as quickly as you can before your friend clears them. Once you will be successful in this, you will win the game!


5. Battle Slimes

Battle Slimes is another one of the Online Multiplayer Android Game that can also be played offline by two to four players at one time. In this game you are playing as a small slime character and are in a competition with others. If you have ever watched the super smash bros video game then you will love this game because it is its simplified version.

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Now let’s come to the second type of multiplayer games which can be enjoyed if you are connected to an internet or Wi-Fi connection.  As we have already informed you, these games let you compete with random players from all across the globe. We have compiled a list of Top 5 Online Multiplayer Android Games that everyone loves!


Top 5 Online Multiplayer Android Games

1. Modern Combat 5 

This game has been an amazing alternative to other action games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Modern combat 5 is the best quality FPS game which can be downloaded and installed on Android device. It also has a single player option which lets you create your own team with your family or friends and then you can go on competing with the other team.

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It’s kind of like a planned warfare type of game in which you have the weapons and armor and explosives to win over the other side. It also has an option for a group chat which is a great tool for communication during the game. These tools are free of cost and come with the package that you download from the Google Play Store.


2. Mortal Kombat X

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Mortal Kombat X is one of the most action filled games of its time available on Android. The kind of violence that this game creates is worth downloading it especially if you are a lover of fighting games. It is essentially a well known console game that was then launched on Android system. It has a tool for multiplayer which lets the users choose their fighter and can build a team of up to 3 players at a time. After this the user can proceed head to head with other available players that are online from all across the world. So go to your Play Store and download this immediately for a wonderful experience.


3. N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition

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This is a free alternative of the Halo game that can be enjoyed on the Android phone. It provides more or less a similar gaming experience like in Halo and also gives best quality graphics on the Android screen. The high put graphics part is what makes this game stand out among the rest of the gaming collection. It has 7 modes and you can battle out with up to 12 players.


4. Clash Of Clans 

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Ok so who out there doesn’t know what this game is, this is as real as it gets when it comes to developing strategies in a group. Clash of clans can rightly be called as one of the top Online Multiplayer Android Games built for smart devices. It lets you create strong villages, a standing army which you can use to attack the opposing players. The most amazing tool available is that you can include your friends and others to help one another by joining different clans.


5. 8 Ball Pool 

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We would end our Top 5 Online Multiplayer Android Games on android with the forever famous 8 Ball Pool. It is Android game that involves two players and is loved by those are sick of shooting and killing games hence all that 8 Ball Pool requires is a good concentration. Another great thing is that it can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store. You can play with random people or get invited by users over the internet.


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