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Nito Installer- Your ultimate jailbreak tool!

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Nito Installer is basically a tool for jailbreaking and it allows you jailbreak your iDevice in a quick and convenient manner. It is a tool which gives you the platform for the installation of the XBMC media player application and other software programs. It will further help you in accessing all kinds of TV streaming on to your Apple TV. You can make use of this app to install the XBMC add-ons and then operate on custom commands. Yes folks, all this can be done through the Nito Installer.

The program was first offered only for the Mac devices however it can now be enjoyed by the Windows users as well which is amazing because many Windows users have been looking forward to Nito Installer.

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Nito Installer for Windows

The best news for all the users of Windows is that the Nito Installer can be accessed on the Windows devices as well using an Apple TV 2 that is jailbroken.

Nito Installer can customize your Apple TV easily

Installation of the XBMC or Kodi on an Apple TV device that has been jailbroken opens up a platform for watching videos that aren’t available in supported or compatible formats by installing the third party add-ons and other cool stuff.

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Many people have been in search for efficient and convenient tools for jailbreaking Apple TV which can be a little technical because if you wish to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, it is a straightforward task by using programs like Pangu or Yalu tool. All you have to do is get your device connected to your PC and then hit the button for Jailbreak which will then do the task for you and you will be good to go.

When you have the Jailbreak Cydia app which has all the tweaks already installed, things become much more convenient however when it comes to tweaking the Apple TV, things can get a bit more technical.  Essentially the real procedure of jail breaking isn’t a technical one however for some models of the Apple TV, you must get the third party apps installed manually using a special interface by being connected to a PC.

The difference between iPhone Jailbreak and Apple TV Jailbreak

The core difference among the ATV jailbreak and iPhone jailbreak is that the software program which is used for the installation of tweaks are different. You can access commands such the SSH or Terminal for the installation of the apps on your Apple TV however this is much simpler on an Apple phone where Cydia can install all apps easily. Cydia itself is an app which installs everything for you when your device is jailbroken and works as a store which helps you locate various apps and tweaks for your iPhone.

What is XBMC?

XBMC is also an app which we recommend that every user of Apple TV must have on their installation lost. It is compatible with the Nito Installer and consists of all packages, add-ons and stuff which will let you customize the overall display of your Apple TV’s interface. NitoTV has more or less the same platform for installing add-ons such as the RSS or Weather. These can easily be installed and updated within the NitoTV on Mac device.

What Is KODI?

Many people confuse XBMC with Kodi which is an open source platform that anyone can use for their own purposes. It is a basic app which can be used to stream TV content including videos and audios for different devices.

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How to install Kodi on Apple TV 2 using Nito Installer?

One of the drawbacks of KODI is that it cannot complete the installation directly on the Apple TV however Nito Installer can do the job instead. The procedure to do this has been described below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is that check if your Apple TV is jailbroken and then connect it with your Wi-Fi access.
  2. Then complete the installation of the Nito Installer Windows version from here however if you are on a Mac device you can access its Nito Installer version from here.
  3. Then launch the Nito Installer App and a pop up will get displayed. In the center of this window you must select your Apple TV. Simply tap on the option for Choose Apple TV and tap on your Apple TV from the list that gets displayed.
  4. Now press the button which says “Install NitoTV” present on the left side of this window and it will complete the installation of the NitoTV App for your Apple TV.
  5. In the end launch the NitoTV by visiting the main screen of the Apple TV. Then scroll a little below and choose the option for “Kodi-ATV2” using the shown list. It will begin the procedure for downloading of the Kodi App.
  6. When the installation is done, complete the Soft Reboot of your Apple TV and complete the installation process. Then you can launch the Kodi using the Home Screen from your Apple TV. Then folks, you are good to go ahead for using the Kodi which you have installed using the Nito Installer.

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