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Moving Wallpapers for iPhone-Never has the screen of your phone been more fun!

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After the launch of the iPhone 6S that revolutionized the Apple world, the use of animated live wallpapers on your iOS screen also became a reality. This feature initially was only available on a few devices and for some selected wallpapers. Hence if you don’t have the built-in feature for this and are searching for moving wallpapers to set them on your iPhone’s Home Screen plus the Lock Screen then we are bringing you a definite solution to this. This post will tell you how you can access an unlimited library of moving wallpapers for iPhone’s Home Screen and Lock Screen.

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The sad news is that Moving Wallpapers for iPhone cannot work on devices that don’t support this feature especially without jailbreaking. So if you don’t have Cydia downloaded on your iDevice then the following tutorial will not give you any results. It is prudent that you Jailbreak iPhone before using this tool.

How to Get Moving Wallpapers for iPhone?

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In order to enjoy the dynamics of Moving Wallpapers on iPhone, you will require a custom source in Cydia which can be added by following the guideline compiled for you beneath:

  1. The first thing you need to look at is that your iPhone must be in connection to safe and reliable internet access available to you. This trick will operate on any iOS device even the iPad or the iPod Touch.
  2. Then launch Cydia and go to the tab for sources.
  3. This is where you will be required to add a URL. Click on the Edit button given at the top right side of the page and click the button Add present in the top left side.
  4. When you will click this, you will see that a pop-up window will be displayed where you will be asked to enter a URL which is as follows. So simply copy paste it.moving wallpapers on iphone procedure
  5. Then hit the Add URL button and give some time to Cydia for loading the source. This may take some time depending on the speed of your Internet.
  6. When this source has been added, click the button “Return to Cydia” and hit Done at the top corner of the page.Related image to procedure
  7. Then move to the search bar of the Cydia App and type vWallpaper 2 in the search.
  8. You will see some tweaks here and you will need to select and install the one that is compatible with the iOS version your iDevice supports.
  9. When the installation is done, click the button that says “Restart Springboard” and give some time to allow your iPhone to respring.Restart spring board iphone
  10. When the iPhone has finished respringing, you will see an App with the name of vWallpaper2 somewhere on your Home Screen.
  11. Launch the vWallpaper2 app and click the button that says “Manage Current Theme”.
  12. Here you will be able to select the wallpaper which you wish to change to its animated version. Then enable the Lock Screen or Springboard or even both.
  13. When the moving wallpaper has been enabled, you should visit Settings and select the video you wish to set as your wallpaper. The best thing is that you can download your favorite animated wallpapers for your iPhone.
  14. The last task is to simply choose your moving wallpaper from the library you have for this and click the Home button. Your iPhone will respring one more time and when it has done respringing you will be looking at a moving wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

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