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Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK – Your Virtual Amazon TV Mouse!

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When you have your favorite movie or TV show on and you are feeling too lazy to get up and fetch the remote just to turn up a little bit of volume, you just wish you could whip out a magic wand that would do the task. Don’t worry folks; the magic wand is the wireless mouse that can be connected to the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. This is what we are going to talk about today; the activation of Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK file.

What is Mouse Toggle for Amazon Fire TV APK?

When you are going through the library of your Amazon Fire TV stick and you feel the need for a mouse especially when your 5-button D-Pad isn’t serving the purpose for you then you can get access to a wireless mouse from Amazon. However this will not come instantly like magic and even when you get it you may not require it every now and then but if you use the Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK app then this issue will not be a big one.

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What this app does is that it lets you enjoy the ease of a mouse cursor without having to buy mouse hardware. You can maneuver this cursor by taking help from the buttons of the D-Pad. The most amazing part of this app is that it operates in the background and doesn’t annoy you when you are doing other tasks.

  • Download Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK:      

If you just want to Download the Mouse Toggle APK then you can download it from the button below :


How to install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK?

  1. For the installation of the Mouse Toggle APK, you need to obey a step wise instructional guide compile beneath for you. If you are already trained on the procedure for installing any APK file for your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick then you can skip this guide. It is a basic guide with every in detail step for downloading APK.  If you are new to this, then let’s move on to the installation of the Mouse Toggle APK on the Fire TV and get access to your virtual mouse.
  2. To be able to install the APK file for your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you will have to activate the ADB Debugging and the Apps installation permission from Unknown Sources. By Default Android will not let you install apps from anywhere but its own App Store. So go to the Settings section and then to Device option and from there to the Developer Options. Activate the ADB Debugging and enable Apps installation from unknown sources.Mouse-Toggle-for-fire-tv-apk
  3. Visit your Home Screen and click the left arrow present on your control to access the search screen. Enter the name on an app.Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK
  4. The app which we require here is the Mouse Toggle for fire TV APK under the name of ‘Downloader’. Simply enter it in the search bar and hit OK. If you own an Alexa Voice remote, press the Mic button and simply say “Downloader” and stop holding the button.
  5. You will now be looking at a list of results from various apps available on the Amazon Store. Choose the Downloader app as displayed in the image posted.Mouse-Toggle-for-fire-tv-apk
  6. Click the button for Get and then hit Install. This will begin the process of installation for the Downloader app and this will finish installing in some time.
  7. When the installation is done, launch the Downloader app by clicking the Open button. Here you will be looking at a basic user interface. What this app will do is that it will let you download anything online to the fire TV.
  8. Now before downloading the Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK, you will need to change a few settings from within the Downloader app. Visit the section for Settings in the Downloader app and you will require to switch ON the “Enable JavaScript”
  9. Visit the main tab and type in the following web address.
  10. Hit the button that says Go. You will be looking at the download progress in a window that will pop up and its installation will instantly begin after that.
  11. In the end hit the Install button as shown in the image beneath. When the process for installation is complete, hit the button for Open.  Mouse-Toggle-for-fire-tv-apk
  12. Then hit the home button and this will allow you to keep the mouse toggle app operating in the background.

How to enable mouse toggle for fire TV stick?

In order to enable the mouse cursor for fire TV or fire TV stick, you need to hit the button that says Play/Pause button that too two times on your Remote. This will change the input of remote to a virtual mouse. To disable this Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK, you need to do the same; simply hit the Play/Pause button two times and you are good to go.

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