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Monopoly APK- Your Monopoly Guide for Android!

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Monopoly has been a forever famous board game that is enjoyed all across the globe by people of all ages. Many people have been hooked on to this board game because it is highly addictive and once you are into it then it is very difficult to get out of the habit of playing it. Now with the advancements in technology, all board games have been cloned in to their smart phone versions just like Ludo Star recently took over the media hype.

The manufacturers of the EA have launched the most famous game of the time, “Monopoly Game” and it can be accessed using the Google Play Store. However if you wish to enjoy this game before deciding to purchase it then you can download the Monopoly APK file using the procedure described in this post.

How Do You Play the Monopoly Game ?

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If you comb your childhood memories, you will remember the joys of playing the Monopoly board game and you can easily adapt to its version for smart phones. However if you have never had the pleasure of playing Monopoly ever before then we will give you a quick tutorial on its basics. We will only describe a few basics of this game and then you can learn as you move along. Hence basically we will guide you on the basic rules of this game.

So in Monopoly you can compete with a friend or compete with the default computer version. Both of the competing parties will be given an equal value of cash at the start of the game. On every turn, the player will roll the dice and will then decide to make a move using the number of boxes.

When you make a move across the board and select you’re the box on which you wish to move to, you will either be given money or will have to spend it. For instance, if you jump onto the land, then you can buy this property from the bank while if you have ended up on a property that is owned by the opponent, then you will have to give the rent to the owner.

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You can also earn bonuses and will be given fines throughout your tenure in the game which will make Monopoly much more fun. As the game proceeds the players eventually will run out of money and the person who stays in the game the longest without becoming bankrupt will be the winner of the game. You will also be given the option to trade your possessions if you run out of cash, just avoid being bankrupt during the game.

How to Download the Monopoly APK for Free ?

Monopoly Game is not free and has to be purchased for a couple of dollars but still cannot be afforded by many people. If you don’t own a PayPal account or credit card then you are not eligible to purchase this game from the Google Play Store.  However if you can indeed purchase it then visit the Google Play Store to find the Monopoly Game and enjoy.


How to Download Monopoly APK for Free legally ?

As we have done in the past posts that we don’t give direct link for APK files download to premium apps, we are going to do the same for Monopoly APK file. This is due to some crucial reasons; first one being the copyright issues when it comes to sharing premium versions of softwares for free and secondly this is ethically wrong.

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We feel that to pass out someone’s work for free is ethically wrong. Can you imagine having spent sweat, blood and tears into a project, only to see that people reap off the benefits for free? Will you feel happy about it? Of Course not! So we have decided to bring you legal and ethical ways that you can adopt to download Monopoly APK file that too free of cost.

How to Earn Free Money Using Google Opinions ?

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Are you aware that you can get money in Monopoly Game by completing surveys? This is not something illegal or unethical rather is entrusted by Google itself. Hence there is no fear of running into scams or malware. All you need to do is to get the Google Opinion Rewards app from the link ahead. When its installation is done, launch the app and get your Google Account registered onto it. Then you will be sent surveys frequently. In the surveys you simply have to answer the questions with your honest opinions and you will be able to earn a reward each day.

This payment will be made using the Google Play balance which can then be used to buy and download the Monopoly APK.

If the Google’s opinion Rewards cannot be accessed in your country then there are other third party apps which can be used. One of the top apps for this is the WHAFF Rewards, which will assign you with tasks that you will have to complete and when you will be done with your assigned work, you will be gifted with certain points.  This app will give you tasks that you will need to complete. And upon completion, you will be rewarded with points which you can use to buy Monopoly APK.

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