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Make Sure You Are Paying For Quality Social Media Features

The interest in purchasing social media features, such as likes, views, comments and followers, whether it be for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, is increasing at such a rate that more and more websites which sell these features are appearing all the time. These websites give you the chance to purchase the features you desire. This website is an example of one of them. Here you can buy these features in the amount you need and then it’s up to you how to add them to your account.

What should you take into consideration when purchasing features for social media?

Buying social media features is a process which should be pursued when you need to get the interaction required to increase your profile’s popularity. Once you have these features for your profile, it is just a matter of adding them and putting them to use in a way that generates more engagement for your account. This added engagement will be enough to put your profile centre stage and get you the attention that will help your profile expand. With this additional time in the spotlight, you can be assured that you will get the attention you desire in order to help spread the ideas or products or creations that you wish to share with the wider world.

Be on the lookout for bots

It is important to be aware of the commitment you are making when you purchase these features for social networks. The interaction your account receives is a reflection of the quality of your profile. Similarly, the quality of the interaction you receive when you are paying for it can indicate whether the source of the engagement is reliable and has the appearance of organic interaction or whether it is just engagement that is quite evidently not coming from genuine sources. This is something to be aware of because paid-for features that come from real social media users have a more authentic appearance than that that comes from bot accounts and is, therefore, harder to identify.

What are bot accounts?

Bot accounts are social media accounts which are controlled by computer programmes as opposed to being controlled by real human beings. Their purpose is to reproduce the online behaviour of genuine Internet users on a large scale. In terms of social media, bot accounts are an application of the same idea to social networks and how they work. The reasons why people use bot accounts are numerous and varied. It could be because the person using them wants to get more traffic for their website or interaction for their social media profile or it could be that they are operating for less honourable reasons. You do need to be aware of their existence and how they behave so that you can identify them.

What do bot accounts usually do?

As mentioned above, bot accounts to post content while following a pattern of online behaviour established by millions of other users. By copying the most popular patterns, techniques and content, bot accounts hope to have other Internet users believe that their accounts are in fact run by real people. However, there are a few signs that you can look out for if you have your suspicions about the reliability of social media accounts.

Warning signs

Some of the classic red flags that can help you spot a bot account include profile pictures, activity, uploads and the number of followers a particular account has. In the case of profile pictures, it is commonly the case that people will have a picture of themselves. Other ideas for profile pictures include pictures of brand names for companies or captivating photos. It is rare to see a profile picture that has nothing whatsoever to do with the account and even rarer still to see a profile that doesn’t have any profile picture at all.

When it comes to activity, bot accounts tend to spend a lot of their time liking posts, pictures and comments. It seems that this is all they do and, oftentimes, this is the case. Additionally, they will frequently leave comments on the content that has been uploaded. However, if the comment seems to be awkwardly phrased, your suspicions should be raised. The activity they engage in on their own profile is also worth taking a look at. Look through the content, if any, they have uploaded and see if it is actually content of their own or content that has been sourced from somewhere else.

In relation to the number of followers these accounts may have, there is frequently a large disparity between the number of their own followers and the number of accounts they follow. This is common enough with social media users at the lower end of the scale but it becomes suspicious if they have a particularly high number of accounts that they follow and an extremely low number of accounts that follow them.

Why is this important?

If you are paying for social media features to be supplied by social network users, you want to be sure that you are paying for quality interaction. Unfortunately, this is something that bot accounts cannot provide because of the reasons we have outlined above. When you apply for something, you hope that that something lives up to your expectations and performs as you wish it to. With this being the case, it is worth your time if you invest in social media features that you know are being provided by real social media users, ones that will provide you with genuine engagement and give you value for your money.

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