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How to Easily Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad Without jailbreak !

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You can indeed make use of Kodi to watch videos on your iDevices but not officially because there isn’t an app released for you to this however you can opt for the Cydia software store for this and this would only give you results on jailbroken iDevices. In this article we will guide you on how to Install Kodi on iPhone.

How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad using Cydia Impactor?

The easiest way to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak is though Cydia Impactor. So you must have Cydia Impactor and the latest Kodi .IPA file.

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  1. Get your iPhone or iPad connected with your PC or Mac. If the iTunes launch on their own when you connect your iDevice, remember to close it before you proceed.
  2. Then launch the Cydia Impactor and pick drop the IPA file for Kodi which you had downloaded in here.
  3. See that the iOS device is chosen from the drop-down menu.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Cydia Impactor will definitely require your Apple ID sign in. You can use an alternate Apple ID if you don’t trust the app here.
  6. When the app is done installing, go to Settings and then to General and finally to Profiles & Device Management, locate the profile containing your Apple ID and then launch it open.
  7. Hit the Trust button for giving your trust to the newly installed Kodi app on your iDevice.
  8. Access this app and start enjoying all the perks it has to offer.
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If for any reason you can’t get the above mentioned method to work then move below to read the section which will guide you on how to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad through Xcode.

How to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad using Xcode?

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You first need to download the Kodi file by visiting here. You will also require an iOS App Signr – when you visit this link, tap on ‘Download v1.9’ and unzip the folder. Then you should complete the installation of Xcode 8 by opening the Mac App Store in case you don’t have this already installed and follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac device and then launch the Xcode app.
  2. Choose the option for ‘Create a new X code project’ and see that the app is selected in the section of iOS on the left side. Then press the button Single View Application. Click Next.Image xcode
  3. The dialogue box which opens up, in it you must identify the application you are planning to make. Enter the name of the product (Kodi) and Organization Identifier. The rest of the fields will be filled by default so even if you leave them as it is, it would be fine. You can make the app for iPhone or iPad or leave the app as it is.related image to xcode
  4. Then you must select a location to save your GIT repository. Then press Create.
  5. Don’t give permission to Xcode for accessing your contacts but you can if you want to.Xcode setup
  6. Right in the center of the Xcode screen you will be shown a message that says ‘No code signing identities found’. Hit the Fix Issue option given beneath this message and then click Add on the next box. Sign in using your Apple ID.Xcode
  7. Visit the main screen once again a message will be shown, “To fix this issue, select a Development Team to use for provisioning”. There will only be a single ‘Development Team’ to select from so just tap on Choose. After sometime this issue will be fixed by XCode.Xcode settings
  8. Launch the App Signer by double clicking its icon that is saved on the desktop in unzipped form. When it shows the option for Input File, you will need the Kodi deb file installed before: press Browser and locate this file on the desktop and simply hit Open.

Signing Certificate will be completed already containing your Apple ID while for the Provisioning Profile, choose the profile along with the identifier that was set up back in step 3. A new Application ID will be completed, we assigned Kodi in form of an App Display Name. Hit Start.

  1. Select a file name in the Save As field along with a location. Hit Save. The App Signer will begin unpacking this data and will then save the file by saying “Done”.
  2. Now visit back the Xcode and choose Window > Devices. Tap on the iOS device towards the left pane. In the right bottom side will be the details of your iPhone or iPad’s and you may need to scroll below. Click the plus symbol.

Locate and choose the .ipa file that iOS App Signer made in step 8 and hit the button Open. After some moments you will find the app of Kodi beneath the Installed Apps.

  1. Remove your iOS device and then unlock it. You will find the icon for Kodi in the space. According to the settings of your device, you might get the ‘Untrusted Developer’ error message when you open this icon there you must click Cancel.

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So hit Cancel or just don’t open up the app yet rather go to the Settings and then to General where you must scroll below and click Device Management. Beneath the DEVELOPER APP, press the account you had used before and then click Trust two times in a row.

  • Video Tutorial :

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