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iTube Pro without Jailbreak!

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YouTube’s official platform now allows you to save their videos for viewing them offline videos however there are still many videos that you cannot download from YouTube. So to be able to download such forbidden videos we are bringing you this awesome app for iOS known as iTube Pro.

iTube Pro is an iOS app which lets you save videos from YouTube free of cost. In this post we will talk about the download and installation procedure of iTube Pro without having to jailbreak your iDevice.  youtube image

iTube Pro Download Installation and Review :

Before we move on to the installation process of the iTube Pro App whether with or without a jailbroken device, let’s discuss a bit on the app’s features and tools. Here you will find all the supporting reasons as to why you must download the iTube Pro App.

Features of iTube Pro :

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  • In the official YouTube app you can download only certain videos that YouTube allows you to do so however the iTube Pro lets you save all kinds of videos that are posted on YouTube even if they are music videos. This doesn’t mean we are endorsing the illegal download of music videos just informing you of the features.
  • On iTube Pro you can get the downloaded videos to your camera roll. This is a famous tool as the official app of YouTube only lets you watch saved videos inside the app.
  • iTube Pro has complete HD support which is another thing that YouTube doesn’t allow. Hence when you save YouTube videos on iTube Pro you will also be given choices for resolution.
  • iTube can make multiple playlists. In fact, it is the core feature of the iTube Pro. Simply keep downloading and creating your most listened to playlists and then enjoy them whenever you want to.

iTube Pro Download :

There are many methods for downloading the iTube Pro onto your iDevice however most people search for the IPA file for side loading through Cydia Impactor. If you are in search for the IPA file for iTube Pro then use the link ahead.


Download iTube Pro without Jailbreak on iPhone :

The methods for downloading iTube Pro have been described below for your ease.Image result for iTube Pro

1. Using TuTu App :

When you are in search for a tweaked app, jailbroken apps or apps such as iTube Pro, tutu app is counted as the most suitable alternate for Cydia for those who don’t wish to jailbreak their iPhone. With the Tutu App you will be able to download all the apps that you cannot access through the Apple App Store. Let’s talk in detail on how to download the iTube Pro without having to jailbreak.

  1. Go to the Settings and then to section for Safari and click the option for “Clear browser history and cache”. This isn’t necessary but it is wise to do it in order to avoid the “Could not install” error.
  2. Then go to the Safari browser and visit this web address and then click the “Regular” tab option. This is necessary so that the tutu app will display the payment plan for you which is important.
  3. In the regular tab, click the button for download and you will look at a pop up window which will require your consent for the installation of the tutu app. Then hit Install and visit the Home Screen of your phone.
  4. When the installation is done and you will see the icon for tutu somewhere in the Home Screen, then once again go to Settings and to General and then to the section for Profiles where you must trust the developer certificate for the tutu app. This is important as Apple will not let you use unofficial apps without this permission.
  5. Then move ahead and launch the tutu app where you must search for the ‘iMusic’ or ‘NetTube’ and complete their installation.

2. Using Cydia Impactor :

If you don’t wish to use any app from the third party due to security issues then use a Mac or Windows PC for side loading the iTube Pro IPA file on to your iDevice. o your iPhone. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Complete the downloading of the IPA file on your PC using the link mentioned above. You must download and complete the installation of the recent version of iTunes and Cydia Impactor as well on your PC.
  2. Then get your iPhone connected with your PC through the lightning cable and launch the cydia impactor.
  3. You must check that your iPhone is being detected by the Cydia Impactor as shown beneath. If this doesn’t get your iPhone connected, you must re install the iTunes.
  4. The final task is to pick and drop the IPA file on to the window of the impactor and then type a valid Apple ID when you are asked to log in.
  5. The process of installation will start after some time and you will be looking at the icon for iTube Pro on the Home Screen. This is where you can safely disconnect your iPhone from your PC and get your Apple ID trusted by going to Settings > General > Profiles section.


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