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iOSEmus – Get Cydia Apps on iPhone!

Have you ever wished to get Cydia Apps such as Gameboy and NDS Emulators on your iDevice without having to go through the pain of jailbreaking? Now to do this, there are certain methods that you can use to download Cydia apps on your iDevice without jailbreaking. In this post, we will talk you through a procedure of downloading the iOSEmus and the subsequent installation of the Cydia Apps without jailbreaking your Apple device.

How to get Cydia Apps on iPhone without Jailbreaking?

Cydia Apps do not operate under the support of Apple and if you do decide to download them then you need to Jailbreak your iDevice or take assistance from third part services such as TuTu App the iOSEmus. As we have already told you before, we will be discussing download and installation procedure in this post today.

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However before we begin, we would like to inform you that Apple does not want you to use Cydia Apps and they are working continuously to forbid the third party services offering such apps. You should know that if you are downloading apps from platforms like iOSEmus, you are doing it at your own risk.

iOSEmus Download: How to install?

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If you are under the assumption that the iOSEmus is an alternate to Cydia then let us tell you that you cannot download the Cydia Tweaks using the iOSEmus. Of course you will be able to get some of the renowned Cydia Apps from iOSEmus but these apps would be different than you see in Cydia Tweaks. Now let’s proceed with the process.

  1. The first thing to do is to navigate to the Settings in your phone then to Safari and click on “Clear Browser Data and History” option. This will let you wipe out the entire cache browser and will not show the error “Could not Install”.
  2. Then you need to go to this link using the Safari browser in your iPhone. If this link doesn’t open up, alternatively you can enter in your address bar and click the button for Enter.
  3. You will then be looking at a web page from where you will be able to download iOSEmus using any of the icons displayed. Choose any of the icons and you will be taken to the settings of your iPhone.
  4. You will then be required to install the profile by click on button that says Install. If you have set up a pass code on your iDevice, then you may be required to enter it there.
  5.  You will be taken back to your Safari Browser. You should then close your browser and visit the Home Screen.
  6. You will see that you have installed the iOSEmus on your iPhone. Click the icon and you will see that the app is operating.

How to use iOSEmus after download?

Once the iOSEmus app has been successfully installed on your iPhone, you should move on and launch it. In the app you will see that there are multiple options. Hit on the tab for “Apps” given at the top side you will see the list of all of the Cydia apps in a nice arranged fashion.

If you see a Red Cross on a lot of apps and only a few display the Green Tick mark. This will mean that the app isn’t operating. If you are wondering that why list the apps if they aren’t working then the reason is that the apps did work but as more users began using them from the iOSEmus, Apple Developer team found out about them and closed them down. You can only download the apps that display a Green Tick marks along side them. Even if you do install the green tick marked apps then there is no surety that they will work for you.

Best Cydia Alternative

As much as the free apps like iOSEmus have made our lives easy, the reality is that nothing in life comes easy and free, You have to pay for it or see some advertisements for using these apps. There are many alternatives to Cydia that you can use but the best one among them are the iOSEmus is TuTu App. There stores are honestly awesome.

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