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Operating systems are at the forefront of any new digital technology. Since they are the mainstream mechanism which supports all the functions of any device, they occupy the central spot of attention in any digital domain. As far as any general discussion goes, Windows has been the generic operating system to occupy our knowledge, ever since we started gaining any information about the world of computing. Then came the classic Apple and Google is the latest player in the field with Android behind its back. As per experts at Paper writing service, the battle between these three operating systems is going to take the shape of an ugly tug of war, which is most likely to be evident from the start of the year 2020.

It is not just the world of computers that is on the question now but also the world of mobile computing, which has been hit with this tug of war. While quality is definitely a matter worth considering when choosing a given operating system, experts at buy term papers online predict that the war is going to shift on the battleground of price as well now.

The essence of the war

When it comes to cost, a number of elements of any given technology begin to get impacted on their own. This is why, the fight between iOS, Android and Windows is going to be a hefty and ugly one, as you will get to see, come 2020. Of course, the fact that these are the players that we are talking about, in the context of this particular fight, is not a surprising one. Unlike any usual scores of comparison or expectations, each of these three has a valid and equal chance of making it to the top list and coming out as winners.

The current ecosystem in which these players operate gives a fair and valid chance to each one of them to make their show and take the lead. Rork Smith an expert at doing my math homework for me says, for the longest time ever, these three super operating systems have remained undervalued, for lack of expectations out of them and a general phenomenon of considering them as unreal computing platforms. It is surprising to know that this presumption erupts more from the biases of their performance, rather than any real understanding of flaws which might exist in them. As expected, the tech giants are already at their job in a bid to eliminate these flaws and make the most of their expertise.

The coming months are going to be a stark display of intense competition between some really credible and biggest tech giants in the industry, fighting to get the top spot with their customers. Guess what? This war is going to bring a heal load of benefits for customers who will benefit intensely owing to the drop in the price caps, flagged by these supergiants. This could mean that those interested in the world of technology might even be able to purchase more than one of these technologies and save their money.

Let us get to know more about each of these operating system giants and check their upcoming progress.


Experts at research paper writing service have revealed that originally, Google Chrome, the master web browser, which has become synonymous with just about any and every computer system, is a major battery drainer for your Windows PC. However, this is just how it is structured because essentially, it does a lot more than an average web browser can do for you. However, it faces quite a number of challenges at present. First of them is the challenge to make an Android app run smoothly over the browser. As of now, Android is struggling to bring its apps on the large screen and make them work as per user satisfaction but so far, the struggle is of no good.


Apple has gone a step ahead than any of its competitors and tried to shift user preferences by means of introducing its famous iPad in place of its large screen counterpart. This will be the answer to Apple’s cheap computer strategy. From the user’s point of view, this strategy might be flawed and unacceptable but at the apple, it is making a large stride in the direction of its implementation already. As long as Apple continues to deliver excellent quality of apps, it is going to stay in close and good competition with Google and Windows. However, making one iPad work for a variety of users is still a major challenge for those at Apple, as per experts at paper writing service.


Somehow, Microsoft has continued to maintain its place as a rather secretive tech player. This is widely apparent because, with every new update or release that comes from the giant, users are left awe-stricken, wondering where the news was, so far! Now, the question is, how is Windows going to offer something that users are going to prefer over Apple and Google? So far, their product offering is highly satisfactory and if it comes to cost comparisons, they are going to come out satisfied on that front too. As already explained by experts at cloudways free trial, if Windows fails to pick up in the race at this time, it is going to find it really difficult to get any lead at all. The company needs to ensure that it does not let offerings such as Chrome, take over the lower end of the market. In spite of the progress that Android and Apple seem to have made already in terms of their app offering, Windows is still lagging behind and no one seems to have any idea of it intends to close that gap at all or not.

While Google might be maintaining a strong place in the market right now, Apple has a lead over everyone in terms of its quantity while Microsoft has an edge in terms of its powerful operating systems. It remains to be seen which of these are going to gain the lead in the days to come.

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