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Install Kodi on Apple TV- A Complete Guide!

In this post today we are bringing you in detail tutorials on how to install Kodi on Apple TV without need a Mac using Windows PC. The procedure for this involves a systematic guideline which you must follow and just as in the xCode method, this procedure is also permanent. When you have followed this procedure you will not have to repeat this every week and it would be fairly straight forward when all the steps have been accomplished.

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Install Kodi on Apple TV without a Mac device using Window :

If you are a loyal Apple user then you would be aware of the fact that side-loading apps on Apple devices has been difficult and does require a procedure to do which we have described below for your ease.

How to make Kodi IPA file from deb file?

In the described procedure below we will be talking about how to make a Kodi file from a deb file so if this is something you are already familiar with then you can skip ahead to the next section. If you downloaded the pre-built IPA file from the above-mentioned link, you can skip to the next part.

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  1. Complete the downloading of the Kodi deb file for TVOS by visiting this link.
  2. Remember to save this .deb file into a folder and then Right Click the file. Choose the 7-zip and then hit the option of Extract Files from the proceeding menu that gets displayed.
  3. Then hit OK on the next page and your contents from the deb file will begin extracting.
  4. Launch the Folder that forms open and you will be looking at a tar file in this folder. Complete the extraction of this data.tar file using the following pathway Right Click > 7-zip > Extract Files.
  5. You will now have a data folder and the data.tar file within this related image
  6. Go into the data folder and then visit the folder for Applications. You will see another folder which ends in name. Such as the folder you may
  7. You must make a new folder here and save it with the name of “Payload” without the quotation marks. You will have two folders now. The Payload and .app folders and you must see to it that the P is capital for Payload.
  8. Start dragging the .app folder and drop it off in the Payload folder.
  9. Then Right-click this saved payload folder and then hit 7-zip > Add to archive related image zip
  10. You will now be looking at a new window where you must see that the Archive format is set as zip and save the archive under the name that ends with .ipa. You can name the folder anything just that it must end with .ipa.Related image
  11. Then hit OK and you are done!

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How to Install Kodi on Apple TV 4 without Mac using Windows?

When you have the IPA file of Kodi for Apple TV ready and a Cydia Impactor installed you must read the instructions below and follow them to install Kodi on Apple TV without any restrictions.

However, you must remember that Kodi will not work after 7 days however the good thing is that you will only have to repeat the guidelines below after 7 days and you will not have to transfer the Kodi deb file again and you can go ahead using the IPA file you have already made.

  1. Get your Apple TV connected with your PC through a USB cable. See to it that it is switched ON and connected with the TV screen.
  2. When the connection gets establishes, launch the Cydia Impactor and see that your Apple TV is being recognized by the Cydia impactor. If Apple TV doesn’t appear where you must complete the re-installation of the iTunes on your PC.
  3. When your Apple TV 4 is getting displayed in the Cydia Impactor you must drop the Kodi IPA file in the on Cydia impactor. This is highly crucial that you don’t toggle around with any buttons here. Just pick up the IPA file of Kodi and drop it in the Cydia Impactor.
  4. You will be shown a pop-up window which will require your working Apple ID. You must type in your Apple ID and don’t get concerned this is completely safe and in case you are still unsure you can make a new Apple ID for this purpose.
  5. Then give your Apple ID password for the ID you entered and install Kodi on Apple TV.
  6. If you see a warning message simply hit OK.

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When you are finished installing Kodi on Apple TV, you can safely disconnect it from your PC.

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