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iMessage on PC: The top 2 ways that always work!

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There are many Apple users out there who wish to use the service of use iMessage on PC supporting Windows. Filled with a wonderful collection of items such as P2P money transfer service, touch system, the exaggerated emojis to cater to every emotion, entertaining GIF and the advanced encryption, iMessage is inevitably the best instant messaging app. However the sad part is that iMessage is only available on iPhone and iPads but if you use the trick described in this post you can definitely build a workaround to use iMessage on PC.

Even though everyone loves WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger equally for instant messaging, Apple’s Messages app still stands to be on top of the list for multiple users. Even those who own Windows constantly envy iPhone users for the feature of iMessaging and always end up searching for ways that can be adopted to use iMessage on PC.

So we have decided to bring you a comprehensive article outlining the steps that you can adopt to avail the services of iMessage on PC. Keep reading folks!

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We wish there was a simple procedure for downloading Apple’s iMessage on PC supporting Windows just like you would for any other app. However the following described workaround will save the day. But you will require the assistance of Mac device for this trick to work. This isn’t a straightforward way but folks we don’t have any other choice.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC?

  1. First see that you arrange a Mac device with iMessage App installed and a PC that has Windows to use imessages on windows pc
  2. The next task is to download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both Mac and Windows PC
  3. When they have been installed, launch app.
  4. Now on your Mac device download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  5. Once it has downloaded, install it on your Mac device.

Chrome Remote Desktop will allow you to connect to another device using the Chrome browser or Chrome book. You will also be able to open all your apps and files securely.

  1. Now using the shown code connect both devices with each other and Enjoy!

How to enjoy iMessage on PC Windows?

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Ok what if you don’t own a Mac device but still wish to use iMessage on PC supporting Windows. There is a trick to do this. For this you will have to download iPadian on the PC supporting Windows. This is basically a form of a third party emulator software which makes a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows device allowing you to install iMessage on PC.

iPadian 2 is essentially an iPad simulator that will let you change your Windows PC and allow it to operate the iOS apps. The emulator comprises of Standalone Adobe air application which can prove to be highly useful for people who wish to poke around with iOS apps on their PC supporting Windows.

However, the iPad simulator doesn’t perform the same all the time rather it infects your PC with a lot of malware so proceed with extra care and precaution.

How to Install Apple’s Messages App on Windows PC Using iPadian 2?

  1. First thing you need is to download the iPadian emulator.
  2. Then complete the installation procedure of the.exe file on your PC.
  3. Now launch and operate this emulator.
  4. Make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions before proceeding
  5. When the installation has been completed. You much open and run the iPadian software on your PC supporting Windows.
  6. Now begin your search for “iMessage”in the shown search bar.
  7. When the iMessages app appear download it on your PC.

Once it has downloaded, launch the iMessage on PC and begin enjoying the experience of this amazing instant messaging app.

Wrapping up

Apple’s Messages App has become advanced in recent years especially with the introduction of the amazing features such as P2P money transfer, Digital Touch, screen effects have livened up iMessaging.


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