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How to use Cydia Impactor And Download Full Guide!

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Cydia Impactor is an old tool that was manufactured by the maker of the Cydia store. Cydia Impactor was indeed the center of attention when it was launched however these days Cydia Impactor has got even more follower and users especially when people are in search of ways that can help them side load the Cydia apps without having to jailbreak your iDevice through Windows. In this post we are planning on telling you how to use Cydia impactor.

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How to use Cydia Impactor?

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A lot of people ask in the comments, how to use Cydia Impactor? What apps can I install using Cydia Impactor? Is it safe to enter my Apple ID in Cydia Impactor? Today, I am going to try to answer almost all the questions that you have regarding the program.

Is it safe to side load apps using Cydia Impactor?

Before we move on to telling how to use Cydia Impactor it is better that we talk a bit about the safety of Cydia Impactor as still many people are kind of skeptical regarding the authenticity of Cydia Impactor.  Cydia Impactor is basically a feature which you can use for side loading apps on your iDevice supporting at least iOS 9/10. If you are wondering about the safety, security and authenticity of Cydia Impactor then the simple thing to satisfy yourself is to check if your  IPA file is safe or not.

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It is true that the Cydia Impactor requires your Apple ID for the login process but it only makes use of this data for App Logging and not for anything else. This is due to the fact that Apple needs you to use your Apple ID for signing in to the app. Cydia Impactor takes your Apple ID and then gives it on to the servers of Apple.

If you are totally sure that the IPA file you are using is safe and isn’t infected with any malware then you are good to go. Cydia Impactor is an offering of the most authentic of sources from the Jailbreak community; the founders of Cydia.

How to use Cydia Impactor?

Although the Cydia Impactor program is easy to use, still many people get stuck on it as the software has some features constructed for the Android phones. Beneath this we have attempted to make the process of side loading on Cydia Impactor as easy as it can get.

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  1. First you should see that you have iTunes successfully installed on your PC. It doesn’t need to be operating but needs to be installed.
  2. You will then need to access and download the IPA file of the app that you wish to side load on your iDevice. This IPA file should be accessed from a trusted and authentic source. Manu people tend on complaining that they see errors on their Cydia Impactor. If you are not satisfied with the authenticity of your IPA file there is a fix to ipa.cpp and zip.cpp errors for Cydia Impactor.
  3. The next step would be to download the app of Cydia Impactor by accessing their official site.
  4. If you are using a Windows PC, see to it that the impactor.exe file is saved in the same folder as the documents of the zip file because the Cydia Impactor will show you missing errors when you will operate the impactor.exe file without other documents that aren’t saved in other folders and not the same one.
  5. When you have your impactor up and operating get your iPhone connected through the lightning cable. See to it that your iPhone is getting detected in the Cydia Impactor. If your device is not getting detected, you will have to install your iTunes again.
  6. Now comes the step where many people get stuck as there is button for “Start” on the window for the Cydia Impactor window, a lot of users assume that they have to click the “Start” button. You don’t need to click this button, simply pick the IPA file and drop it on the Cydia Impactor which will then require your Apple ID and Pass Code.
  7. When you enter your login credentials the IPA file will open and will state the installation of the app on iPhone and you will not have to do anything else. If you see any you error ipa.cpp:99 cannot find .app/info.plist” message then you will have to shift the IPA file on to the same directory where the “impactor.exe” file is present. This will then resolve your issue.

This was it folks on How to use Cydia impactor and whether it is safe to use or not s and it is safe to use, let’s talk about what apps you can side load using Cydia Impactor. So now you can easily side load apps on your iPhone using the Cydia Impactor.

  • If Cydia impactor Official Link is not working then you can Download Cydia Impactor through this button :



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