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How to Play PS2 Games on Android?

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PlayStation has been the evergreen gaming console for decades that ever kid associates with good memories. Ever since the year, Sony launched its first ever PlayStation, every following generation of the PlayStation that came after that has topped the sales in the gaming market. However, if you don’t own a PlayStation or have a broken one then we will guide you how to play PS2 games on Android phone. So folks stay for a bit longer and keep reading to get trained on a few tricks that you can use to play PS2 games on your phone.

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At this point, if you are thinking that why only the games of PlayStation 2 and why, not PS3 games can be played on Android, this is because the recent generations of PlayStation have much more advanced processors. This is the reason why Android cannot support PlayStation 3 or 4 in its low powered processor or chips. In fact, even PlayStation 2 games don’t emulate on less powerful Android devices and you do require a high-end product to play PS2 games on Android.

Disclaimer’s Note

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This post is generated for educational reasons and is applicable only on those who already own PlayStation 2 games. If you play any PS2 game on Android by downloading the game and not purchasing it, you will have committed a crime and Intech-BB will not be held liable for your actions or any repercussions that you will have to face. Only you are responsible for your decisions and actions.

How to Play PS2 games on Android?

There are many ways to play PS2 games on Android but the most straightforward one is to use the PS2 Emulator :

    1. Go to the Settings in your Android phone and find your way to the Security section and start finding the “Unknown Sources”
    2. Now see to it that the “Unknown Sources” are in ON position. If they are not enabled then use the toggle to enable the option. This feature will let you complete the installation from apps that are not from the Google Play Store.How to play ps2 games on android
  1. Then download the APK file for PS2 Emulator to your Android phone. The direct link for the download is as given ahead so simply right click the link and the downloading process will start. DOWNLOAD
  2. When the PS2 Emulator has finished downloading, launch the APK file and complete its installation just like you would for any other normal Android App.  Click the Install button and give it some time to finish installing.
  3. You will also require a file manager on the same Android phone in use. Many of the Android phones already comprise of a built-in file manager. If you own an HTC phone that doesn’t have an in-built file manager then you can use the link ahead to get one.


  • Then download the ISO file compatible for the PS2 game you wish to play on your Android device. We cannot guide you on how to access the ISO files for the PS2 games because of copyright issues. So you will have to find this ISO file on your own.
  • When the particular iso file for the PS2 game has finished downloading, go to your file manager and transfer the iso file to the section of the file to the “Play Data Files” folder.
  • Now, in the end, all you have to do is “Play” PS2 Emulator and keep refreshing till the game is accurately detected by the PS2 Emulator. When you see that the game is appearing in the list of the PS2 Emulator then all you need to do is click the game, launch and simply begin playing it.

Video Tutorial :

That is it for this quick tutorial on how to play PS2 games on Android. If this article is helpful to you then please share it with your friends and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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