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Hola VPN APK- A Useful Download Guide [2018]

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Staying secure and private while working online has become quite a concern these days however lets thank VPN’s that now encrypt all of your activity online and keep you safe from hackers or malware. There are numerous VPN apps and other software such as the VPN APK that have a standard way of operating. However some other apps such as the Hola VPN adopt a different route by taking the importance of stringent privacy to the next level. To guide you on these top notch security VPN’s we are bringing you a post on the Hola VPN APK explaining its download procedures and its review.

Hola VPN APK Download & Review :

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When we say the Hola VPN adopts a unique approach to online privacy, in no way we are supporting the operating procedure that this app works on as it isn’t quite an ethical one. A usual VPN would operate on a client-server configuration but the Hola VPN app has a peer to peer approach. For a better understanding let’s talk about how a standard VPN operates and then run its comparison with the Hola VPN.

How a Normal VPN works ?

As we have told you earlier in this post that a normal, VPN operates on a Client-Server configuration. Now let’s discuss what this means. The VPN in its full form is known as the Virtual Private Network or which performs the job of a Tunnel or a bridge between the internet and your device such as PC or mobile that you are using to surf the net on.

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This bridge puts a layer on your internet activity and protects it from being stolen by hackers. A VPN in reality is essentially an encrypted form of connection between the server of VPN and your device in use. All of the data packets of the Internet will be encrypted by the VPN and once properly encrypted will then be sent to the server. Once it reaches the server, the data packets will be decrypted and then will be transmitted to the required destination.

In case you are not on a VPN protected connection, then almost every activity you perform online is vulnerable to being stolen by any sniffer lurking round the internet for such an opportunity. Furthermore, the law surveillance agencies can also keep an eye on you. One other set back of not using a VPN protected connection is that you will not be able to view the blocked content on your country’s servers.

How Hola VPN works ?

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Hola VPN works on a configuration that is peer to peer in fact quite the same a torrent client would operate.  In this type of configuration, the servers have no role instead every user on this app is their server and a client both at the same time. This lets the Hola VPN access much more locations than any other VPN service.

In simple words, it makes use of your bandwidth to give the services of a VPN to others while it uses the internet bandwidth of others to give you the same VPN connection. However this can turn out to be disastrous if you think that any random person can make use of your bandwidth to do whatever they want to do.

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Imagine if scammers have a network in which they use Hola VPN this network may make use of your bandwidth to perform their own tasks online and then you will be held liable for the actions because everything will be traced back to your IP address.

Tor Network also has the same standard operating protocol however Tor is explicit about its operating procedures unlike the Hola VPN. In fact for your own security, we would advise you not to use Hola VPN however if you still wish to proceed ahead then we will show you the downloading process for Hola VPN APK file and its installation as well. It can be access from the Google Play Store and you can access the Hola VPN APK file using the link given in this article.

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How to install Hola VPN APK ?

The installation for the Hola VPN APK file is quiet similar as for any other APK file. However using the Hola VPN can be tricky so we will tell you all steps in detail.

  1. You must successfully first download the Hola VPN APK file using the download Button. If you are downloading this APK file on your computer then transfer it on your mobile phone using a compatible connecting cable.
  2. You must give the permission for installation then. Android forbids installation of 3rd party apps from unknown sources and you have to enable the option to be able to use these apps. For this launch the Settings section and then go to Security. Turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Now move to your file manager app and launch the Hola VPN APK file. You will now be looking at the installation window.
  4. Hit the button for Install and the process for installation will start.
  5. When this installation is done, launch the Hola App open from the Home Screen.


How to use the Hola VPN?

The Hola VPN would display you a list of all those apps that are installed on your device and would let you toggle with their VPN location according to the apps and wouldn’t tunnel the entire Android device.

Let’s imagine you wish to use a Free VPN for Kodi on Fire Stick, you can complete the Hola VPN installation to secure the Kodi traffic only without having to lag down the Amazon Fire Stick completely. Simply choose the app from the shown list and then tap on the country location from the shown list.  Hit the button for open and let your device get in connection and all the concerned traffic will then be encrypted before being sent to the desired location.

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