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Get Hack Mortal Kombat X without Jailbreak!

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If you are the one who loves those games which require a payment subscription then no need to worry, you can install all hacked APK files of your favorite paid for games on your Android phone without any trouble. However installation of hacked APK files on iDevices is a demanding job. For instance, Mortal Kombat X no doubt is an amazing game that is loved by all and many people cannot play because they simply cannot afford it thus people want to know how to use Hack Mortal Kombat X version without having to Jailbreak.

In order to accomplish this, we will be giving you a tutorial on few methods that you can adopt to play Hack Mortal Kombat X version on your iDevice without any need for jailbreaking. Hence keep reading till the end and enjoy your favorite game on your iDevice.

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How to Get Hack Mortal Kombat X Without Jailbreak?

In order to download and enjoy the Mortal Kombat X version on your iDevice that is not jailbroken you must read and obey the guidelines compiled for you beneath:

  1. Connect your device with your internet connection nearby that can be relied upon to support this process.
  2. Then to install the Mortal Kombat X hack, visit this link using your Safari Browser.
  3. When the designated web page opens up, click the button that says “Regular” towards the top right side of the page.
  4. Find and click the install button on the pop up window that appears on your screen.
  5. Then visit your Home Screen and wait for some time till the App gets installed.
  6. When this App has successfully installed, go to the icon for Settings > General > Profiles and make sure you trust the profile developer running in association with the tutu app.related image
  7. Once again visit back the home screen and launch the tutu app. Start searching for the Mortal Kombat X and then follow the prompts to install it.
  8. You will be able to install the hacked version of Mortal Kombat X on your iDevice then.

Always ensure that you have trusted the profile developer before you begin playing the game.

How to Get Hack Mortal Kombat X Without Jailbreak Using Vshare?

In case the first method doesn’t work out for you then we are bringing for you another alternate method that could work as a backup. This method needs a Windows device however it is reliable than the first one. Read and follow the steps below:

  1. Once your device is in connection with your internet access you must visit this link on your PC and start downloading the Vshare helper using the landing page.
  2.  When Vshare Helper has downloaded, finish its installation on your computer and connect your iDevice through the lightning cable to your PC.
  3. Then hit the Launch button and follow the shown prompts.
  4. Visit the icon for Settings on your iPhone> General > Profiles and trust the profile developers before you play the game.iphone related image

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