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How to Get Spotify Premium For Free? All possible ways !


If you are in the search of a way which will let you use the Spotify Premium for Free on Android then you are on the right pot online. In this post we will guide you in detail on how to get Spotify Premium for Free with full features on your Android device and yes without paying anything.

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If you have used Spotify, you would know that the app has two versions, free and premium. The premium although provides you amazing features that the free version doesn’t have but of course you have to make a payment for the premium Spotify version. This tutorial for the Spotify Premium app will guide you in detail on how to overcome the restrictions of the payment section to be able to Get Spotify Premium for Free without any cost for as long as you want and all you have to do is follow the three steps below.

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Remember that this step needs to be done only by those users who have downloaded the Spotify app already on their Android phone. So before you move on to download and install the Spotify Premium app link given in this post, you must get rid of the last version of Spotify that is saved on your Android device.

Get Spotify Premium for Free


Of course the modified version for the Spotify Premium app cannot be accessed from the original Google Play Store but you can access the Spotify Premium APK file for free.


If you aren’t aware on what the Spotify Premium version has to offer then let us give you a quick review which is that you will definitely get high definition sound quality for a better music experience, you will not be annoyed by constant advertisements, you can play any song as many times as you want and even download music to listen when you are not on internet and you can skip soundtracks to listen to your favorites in your playlist.

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Now here you are downloading the modded version of Spotify Premium app so there is a chance that not all the features would work once it has installed on your Android device. So if you wish to enjoy a full experience of Spotify Premium then consider spending a few bucks to buy the premium version.


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You will find a safety tool in Android that will not allow you to install any third-party apps which are not available on the Google Play Store. Hence before you move on to installing the Spotify Premium app on your Android, you must turn on the option which lets you install the third party apps.

1.       From your Android device, visit the section for Settings and beneath the section of “Personal” you must look for a section called Security. Click it.related image to phone

2.       Now beneath the section of Device administration you will see the option of Unknown sources with a toggle button beside it.related image to phone settings

3.       You can simply tap the option once to be able to enable this option but you will be shown a warning message. Click OK to dismiss the message.Related images to spotify

After this visit the section for Downloads from your Android phone and click the app for Spotify Premium APK which you should have already downloaded to start its installation process. Keep doing as the on screen prompts tell you to do so and the installation for the Spotify Premium App will finish.


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When the installation has been done, an icon for the Spotify app will show up somewhere on your Home Screen. Click on this icon where you will be given a choice between Spotify Connect or email login option. Here you should type in your Spotify account email address and its password. Then hit Login to proceed.

This will let you access the Spotify Premium Account where you will able to use all the premium features without having to pay anything but there is an important thing you must make note of that the highest of sound quality isn’t yet accessible as this feature is saved on the actual servers which gets linked to your original account type. Apart from this feature you will be given unlimited shuffles and a chance to listen to music unlimited number of times, you can also select any music from the list in any order to listen to and the annoying ads will not bother you as well. If You guys don’t understand how to get Spotify Premium for Free then here is the free video tutorial try this method .

  • Video Tutorial :

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