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How to Get Paid Apps For Free On your Android Phone !

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Ok so we know you have ended on our website yet again in search for some useful tips and tricks to ease up daily life hence in today’s post we will talk on how to get free apps for Android? We will talk in detail about all the apps that can be downloaded or accessed without having to pay anything especially for those who are the users of the Android operating system. So folks keep reading ahead and we promise you won’t be bored in fact would definitely end up downloading most of these useful apps.

How to Get Free Apps on Android?

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1.     BlackMart- The Black Market for free apps!

BlackMart is an app just like the G play store. It allows you to access all paid apps without having to pay anything on your Android device. It is in fact included in the list of most trusted apps found on Google. Try using the BlackMart first, and if you cannot find the apps you want then you can try using other platforms.  However these days this app is highly famous and can be efficiently used if you wish to get free apps. You can also submit your own apps here after cracking it. If you are here only to access the download link for BlackMart then read the guide written below.

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  • Open up this blue link BlackMart for downloading the BlackMart App.
  • Complete its installation and then launch the app from your Home Screen.
  • In the search bar within the app start searching for any paid app you want to access for free. If the results get displayed then click the relevant app.
  • Then tap the button for Download and the process for downloading will instantly begin just like in the play store.Image result for BlackMart

2.     “4Shared”- The Best Place to get free apps

4Shared is the oldest and the most used platform by those who wish to get free apps for Android. If you are also one of these people then 4Shared is the place for you. They have also released a special Android Application that has a responsive IU providing access to multiple gaming data, music files, films, paid apps and other useful APK files.

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It is a great host platform that has multiple amazing tools and features. You can submit your own apps on it simply by creating an account through a simple process. You can create this account using your Facebook or Google Accounts as well or you can access this app in form of a free file as it has amazingly fast servers for downloading. This can be highly useful when you are planning to install premium apps free of cost. If you wish to download the 4Shared app then you can visit the blue Download Link below.

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3.     Mobogenie- Your Genie to get free apps!

Another platform that is amazingly useful when it comes to getting paid apps for free is Mobogenie however it comes equipped with those constant annoying apps and that is the only drawback this app has. If you don’t wish to be disturbed by these sudden ad pop ups then you can try any of the other apps that we have mentioned in this post. However, if you don’t really care about these advertisements then Mobogenie would never disappoint you. The app has a highly user-friendly UI as well.

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To access the Mobogenie app on Android, click the blue link given ahead. Download Mobogenie.apk

4.     App VN

App VN is also the place where you can get free apps however it is available in either Japanese or Chinese but if you recognize the app logo then finding this app isn’t that hard. This is extremely hard especially when you don’t know any of these languages but you must try it anyway because the App VPN is equipped with a huge database with every useful app out there in the market that too of course for free.  You can access the download link for App VN ahead. Download AppVn.apk


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