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GBA4iOS- Play the Game Boy on your Smartphone!

If you are someone who would love to play the classic retro games on iPhone, then try using the GBA4iOS. We have compiled a detailed guide for downloading and installing the GBA4iOS on your iPhone and iPad to make the best experience out of your retro games.

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Retro games have been pretty famous in the gaming world but sadly you cannot really enjoy these Nintendo games on Apple devices as Apple doesn’t allow the use of emulators on their devices. This in no way means that you cannot go across the boundaries to get what you want in fact we have come up with a workaround that you can build for installing these retro classics on your Apple devices using theGBA4iOS. Before moving ahead you must make a note of the following, however:

  • GBA4iOS is an Emulator for Gameboy Advance that allows you to play all the Gameboy Games on your iDevice.
  • Although there isn’t anything wrong with how GBA for iOS operates still you must go ahead on your own risk.
  • “Emulators” also let you play obsolete games such as the Super Nintendo or Atari on your phones and PC.
  • Remember that it is not legal to download the ROMs as they are preserved under copyright protections.
  • This website in no way endorses downloading the ROMs.

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 10 or iOS 11?

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Simply read the guidelines below for installing the GBA4iOS on iOS 10/iOS 1 supported iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad.

  1. Open up the Safari on your Apple device and then visit com.
  2. On the page, click on the tab for “Apps”.iEmulators options
  3. Keep scrolling down until you find and click the option for GBA4iOS 2.1.iEmulators related image
  4. Then hit the section for “Download Page”.GBA4ios download page

Keep scrolling down again until you locate the icon for GBA for iOS.

  1. You will see a pop-up window where you must click the button for “Install” and then press the button which says “Install GBA4iOS”.GBA for ios version 2.1
  2. The GBA4iOS app will then begin installing itself. You may have to tap the Install button once again. Allow the app to finish installing and when this is done you will be able to look at the icon for GBA4iOS on your Home screen.GBA4ios install option
  3. Trust the third party apps by going to the Settings section in order to run GBA4iOS on iPhone.

Visit Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management where beneath the section for “Enterprise App” click on “Wuxi Suntech Power Co. Ltd.”

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You should then Trust NARI Group Corporation after which a pop up will get shown telling you that if you trust any app in the enterprise developer you can use third-party apps on your iPhone. Click on the button for Trust here to proceed ahead. That’s it! You have finished installing GBA for iOS on your iDevice. You can now download the ROM’s of your loved games and play all that you want.

How to Download ROM’s of Pokemon, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Fire Emblem on iPhone?

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  1. When the GBA for iOS app has been successfully installed on your iDevice, open it up.GBA for ios App installed on iphone
  2. Then here you must tap the button for Search given towards the top right side of the page.GBA for ios search bar option
  3. Select the game series to locate the ROM.Pokemon roms for gba
  4. If you wish to install other ROMs, search for them on Google.
  5. Choose your desired version of the game and then simply click the Download.pokemon rom related image
  6. Hit Save in the popup window which gets displayed.reated image GBA for ios
  7. When the ROM is done downloading, open it up and enjoy your game.

How to Delete GBA4iOS App on iPhone?

If you ever wish to get rid of the GBA4iOS app, simply go the section for Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management → NARI Group Corporation → Delete App and you are done!how to delete GBA 4 ios

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