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26 + Best Free Music Download Apps For Android Phone !!!

NO doubt many of you are passionate music lovers. And also, it obvious that you love to listen to the music of your choice in a total free time, or during any work. For all of the directions related with the FREE music download apps for android, you have walked to the correct place. From here you can easily download the MP3 music.Music download apps

For the downloading of free music from free mp3 download sites might be a difficult process as UI of those sites are not much good and they have bundle of annoying ads like pop ads etc. So to make free music downloading a cup of tea, below we have mentioned a list of the best free music download apps for android.

We have mentioned the most cool apps for android that are available in Play Store. These mp3 download app is one of the most popular ones. Let us jump over to see the guide.

26 Best Free Music Download Apps For android | Best Music Downloaders

In the very beginning, let me tell you that all the mentioned applications are tested.

1. Music Paradise Pro

music downloader paradise It’s on the top of the list search engine that can be used to download shot clips, many sound effects, ringtones and many of the other mp3 songs. No doubt that it’s not any of the rocket science to use or to understand.t has three tabs – Search, Downloads & Library. Just search for any artist, album or song name from search button and it will get downloaded in Library section.

There might be some ads that might irritate you but still android application worth to be tried once ever.Though, this app is discontinued but still you can download it’s APK to use it. Another advantage or you can say a plus point is that it has built-in music player using which you can play songs directly from this app.

Tip:- If you receive any server error then switch Search Engine versions and try again. If you get any kind of notifications (looks like advertisements), just disable notifications.


2. Songily

songilyHey there…!! 😉 Are you in a search for a music downloader that is available in Play Store and is best for it’s functions. To download any song just search for it’s name or look for any song top chart in this application. No doubt, Music Paradise Pro is still our suggested music download app as this app sometime gets few server issues. This app also allows you play your favourite songs online before their download.

Suggestion: If you are unable to find any of the song by it’s name. Search it from it’s artist name or the movie name.


3. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

supercloud music downloaderSuperCloud MP3 downloader is one of best android app to download free music but it’s drawback is that it is not available in play store. Just search the name of any artist, album or any song. You are allowed to stream music online for free so that you can easily preview any music track just before the download. Even those who are using gingerbread android version (Android 2.3) can easily install and use this app in their android.

Tip :- You can stop irritating notifications by disabling Notification permission from the Application Manager.


4. 4Shared

4shared music 4Shared music is yet another best free music download apps for android to download music for free. In the recent time, it was removed from Play Store. But as an alternate solution you can download free usmusic from their 4Shared app easily. you can search by entering the name of your favourite song or artist and it will guide you by showing the results according your needs.  Select any of them and click on download button to take it offline (located at top right corner).

In addition with this, there are man other features like it has pre-installed the music player too. They also allows to listen to the music online (online free music streaming). Best part is that this is completely free to use and install.


5. Wynk Music

wynk music Wynk, one of popular app which is getting huge popularity among users. It has almost more than 10 million downloads with the average user of 4.1 that is obvious a good point.

The only reason to list this app is not totally free.  for first month, you can use their subscription for free (and if you are Airtel user, then you can get 6 months subscription for free).

Download this app and enjoy their 1 month subscription. I am 100% sure that you will love this free music download app. This app is not for the English song lovers.


6. Hungama Music

Another best of all app to listen and download music for free on any of your android phone. It has a huge database of songs (3.5 million) from bollywood, Hollywood and many more.

You can also play video songs from this app. Note that all features of this app are not available for free. You can check their subscription plans to get more info about it.


7. Tunee

tunee music downloaderThis was recently removed from the Play Store but is one of the best music apps. You can easily download high quality mp3 music for free. It is undoubtedly one of most stylized app to download music.

Use the search bar, enter the artist name or track name. Now, here you can download free music from the results.


8. Google Play Music

google play musicIt’s one of the best free of ads android application for the free music download. Google Play Music has more than 50,000 songs in its database. You can discover and subscribe to the podcasts with this app. Users are allowed to discover and subscribe to the podcast.

It has some exciting features like smart recommendation which will recommend you songs according to your taste by matching genres of songs which you generally listen.

Further, you can easily trust this application with the eyes closed as well. Download and enjoy the music further.. 🙂


9. Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro

skull free mp3 music downloader proThis app has a search engine that helps to search your favourite music according to your demand. This app has a search engine which will search for your favourite music according to your search query.

You can also make any music track as your caller tune by using their Set as Ringtone feature. I am sure that this application will not make you feel down. But if we see according to the comments, this app is very slow.

Update: App is removed from Play Store.

Download Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro

10. SoundCloud

sound cloudSoundcloud is one of the most famous of all free music streaming app for android, you are also allowed to use this application to download your favourite music tracks. You also have a freedom to have your favorite music from Genres section or by searching by any query from search bar.

Further, Soundcloud has millions of active installs and an average rating of almost 4.4 in the play store.


11. Gaana

gaanaThe only reason of the downfall of this application is that the songs can not be played through any other media to play the music. Gaana was a music streaming app but recently, they added download feature too which is quite amazing. You just have to notice that you can download feature as well that is way more amazing and interesting. In case you want to download english songs in your android phone then try any other app like iTube or 4Shared.


12. Copyleft MP3 Downloader

copyleft mp3 downloaderIf you are in a search for a music downloader that can install mp3 songs directly to your storage you can easily access it via File Manager or any other music player. just then Copyleft MP3 Downloader is undoubtedly the best which you can use. Finding any album, artist or any song via this app is very easy by using it’s search button. this app is not available in Play Store.


13. Napster

napsterIt’s a new app which allows free music downloads for android users. It has more than 30 million mp3 tracks in their database as of now. The amazing part is that there is not any of the annoying or any of the irritating ads during the run of this app. It has many exciting features like Music match – which will find songs according to your taste. This app is not for android devices that have android version lower that 4.0.4.


14. Music Download Elite

music download eliteWith the help of this site, you can download new mp3 songs as compared to others this android app is actually experimental so it crashes quite frequently. There might be many ads in this android app, so we recommend you to try this android app if you unable to find any music song in above free music download apps.


15. Free Mp3 Downloads

free mp3 downloadsFree MP3 download is one click music download app. This app does not support commercial music so you might will not find many of your favorite music tracks in this android app. But besides all of this, this is worth a try.



16. Radio Player by Audials

radio appThis is basically not a music download app, but here you can find the music of your own choice, with the help of this android app.  once you have found your favorite song, simply record it. So enjoy free music downloads in your android phone with the help of this android app



17. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

rockmyrunIf you are in a search of best workout music, you should then give a try to use RockMyRun app. RockMyRun provides workout music from different genres like Drum, Bass, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock etc. It has a special feature that is known as Body Driven Music that adjusts tempo of mixes to your match.



18. Advanced Download Manager

admIt allows you to easily download your videos and many other programs songs and  many other stuff like that. But finding music download link via this app is not that easy but once you have found music download link, it will download your track instantly by using some special features like simultaneous file downloading.



19. Pep MP3 Downloader

ppe mp3It’s known as one of the best music app for downloading music on any of the android device. It’s a creation of XDA developers for all the android user family. You can still download APK file of this android app from third party sites. To download any mp3 track, just search for Artist name or song name in search bar. You can also stream songs before their download.



20. TubeMate Audio & Video Downloader

tubemateIt’s a YouTube video downloader but you are also allowed to download mp3 tracks with this app. Just search the name of the song in the search bar of YouTube. After that click on Download button (located on Front Right) and select Mp3 from pop up menu. Mp3 file of that song will get downloaded now.


21. iTube Music.

iTube musicIt’s a special app that is available on the Play Store. Tube provides both music streaming and music download app. You are able to find your favorite music track by finding it through Genres or simply just be searching it. I am 100% sure that you will love after downloading this app as FREE music download apps for android.

 Download iTube Music (Not Available Now)



22. MP3 Music Download

mp3 music downloadIt’s one of the good application to download music for free MP3 Music Download is very amazing downloading app. It also has a good UI and special features like background downloading service and many more. Search for your favourite music track or artist name. are allowed to preview that song before downloading it. For the download of any mp3 track, just click on Download Track button to save it in your android phone so that you can use those songs in offline mode too.

Download MP3 Music Download (Not Available Now)

23. Omega Mp3 Downloader

omega mp3 downloaderAgain, a best downloader with many of the useful features like you are able to stream music in background without the download of actual mp3 file. The main reason to list this app almost on the last is due to it’s small database. Users who are still not able to find a good music downloading app, then this app is worth trying.



24. Simple MP3 Downloader

simple mp3 downloaderIn search for apps like Music Paradise Pro..?? :O With a very clean UI, this app allows you to download mp3 files for free. This application is based on some of the search algorithms. You are also able to find the list of all the downloaded mp3 tracks.



25. Music Maniac Pro

music maniac proThe database of the mp3 tracks present in this app is not huge but still this app is the one that is supposed to be tried at least once. Just search for your favourite track name or artist name and you will get results on the spot. The only thing irritating is ads that effects the usage.



26. SoundLoad

soundloadIt’s not an exact a free music downloader. It supports purchase links of the music tracks on SoundCloud. This app is a must have app for SoundCloud users as they don’t allow users to download music now.



Wrapping Up

It’s a great passion to listen the music of your loved choice. You should have a best music download app for the best music results. It lacks in your android smartphone you can’t download the latest mp3 songs easily. Keep in touch with our blog Intech-bb to get more updates about it. I suggest you to mark this page and keep in touch with all the recent blogs.

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