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FoxFi Key APK- The Download Guide!

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If you are the owner of any Android phone and your internet data package is set to unlimited then who wouldn’t want to make use of this data on one’s computer to stream amazing movies? US based network carriers such as Verizon. T-Mobile and Sprint don’t allow you to use your mobile date plan on your PC in fact on any other device than your cell phone. This is the reason they block the Wi-Fi Hot Spot as well even though Android phones do offer this tool.

However there are apps such as FoxFi and PDANet+ that lets you build a workaround for using Wi-Fi Hot Spot however you need to make a payment for their premium version such as for the FoxFi Key App. So wouldn’t it be cool if you could download the FoxFi Key APK free of cost? Today in this post we will guide you on how to download the FoxFi Key APK without any payment. If this app doesn’t give you what you want, then we have listed other alternate options that would serve the same purpose as FoxFi Key.

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What is FoxFi Key App?

FoxFi Key is an app that acts as a key for unlocking the unlimited data package to use on another app PDANet+ which is free. How it operates is essentially by downloading and installing the PDANet+ app on the Android device through the Google Play Store. You will be able to use it for sometime without any restrictions and then it would stop working. Then the only to operate it would be by using the PDANet+ Wi-Fi Hot Spot by purchasing their FoxFi Key APK. This seems quite deceiving by first attracting the users to use the app for free and then forcing them into purchasing the app.

Don’t get us wrong folks, we do support everyone who is manufactures a piece of software and then sells that program for the price that hard work deserves however FoxFi Key APK must not do this where the user will find themselves deceived or trapped.

How to the Download FoxFi Key APK?

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If you are visiting our post only to access the download link for the FoxFi Key APK paid version and to access the unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot tool then you can use the download link given ahead and skip the rest of the post.


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  • Many people take the tools of FoxFi Key APK the wrong way and assume that it is kind of a hacking tool. So we thought of creating a separate section to clarify any misunderstandings regarding the app. Let’s look at what the FoxFi Key APK can do and what it can’t do.
  • If you already have the FoxFi Key APK or PDANet+ app installed on your device and your Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t functioning then the FoxFi Key cannot solve this issue for you. The free version of FoxFi Key is only there to see that it properly works on your Android device.
  • If you are using an unlimited data package on your phone then you can easily use the option for Wi-Fi host spot. This app will not provide you with unlimited data plan free of cost. This will turn the Wi-Fi hotspot feature ON so that you are able to share your data plan easily with others but if your data package is limited then it will stay that way it can’t be increased.
  • As every new Android update comes or when a new Android device is launched, the mobile careers tend to inhibit the Wi-Fi hotspot feature which makes this a highly inconsistent solution to this issue. You can’t just use one key to unlock all kinds of device just like one key isn’t for all locks. The first thing you need to do is install the PDANet+ using the Google Play store and if this works well for you then you can easily download the FoxFi Key APK file.

How to Install the FoxFi Key APK?

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  1. If you do have any other APK file installed on your Android device before then you would already know what to do in this process. However if you are not a tech crazy person then we are bringing you a step wise process for installation of an APK file.
  2. Use the link given above in this article to download the FoxFi Key APK file.
  3. Launch the Google Play Store and type PDANet+ or FoxFi in the search bar and complete its installation.
  4. When it has finished installing, launch the FoxFi or PDANet+ app and see that it is operating well on your device. Only go ahead if this is working fine.
  5. Then you must select the PDANet+ or FoxFi app on your phone and complete the installation of the FoxFi Key APK.
  6. Go to the Settings section of your phone and then visit the Security Section. You need to then search for “Unknown Sources”
  7. Enable this feature if it isn’t already enabled and then visit back to Downloads where the FoxFi Key APK file will be present.
  8. Launch the APK file and you will see the installation Screen. You should now obey the shown prompts to finish installing the FoxFi APK file.
  9. Then go to the Home Screen and open the FoxFi app and you will see that the pro version has unlocked.

This is all for a short tutorial on how can you access unlimited data package using the Wi-Fi Hot spot feature through the FoxFi Key APK however remember that this app is not going to give you unlimited data plan, you have to do it using your mobile career.

Video Tutorial :

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