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How to Force Quit on Mac All Possible Ways !

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Before this post we posted an article on the solutions to this copy of windows is not genuine error and in this post we are bringing all the details on how to force quit on Mac? If you are facing operation issues with certain apps then this isn’t a big issue on a Windows device all you have to do it hit the following keys on your keyboard Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete and the Task Manager will appear where you will be able to force quit any app.

However sadly the Mac OS X doesn’t operate like this in a lot of ways hence we have tried a combination of various methods that can be used to force quit on Mac OS X when certain apps or programs are not responding.

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How to Force Quit on Mac OS?

Before we begin listing all the effective ways that can be adopted to force quit on Mac OS we want to make a few things very clear that this method we tried on the Mac OS X Yosemite however if you own OS X Lion, MacOS Sierra or El Capitan, the procedure will be equally simple.

Activity Monitor

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The very first procedure which is like Windows that can be used to force quit on Mac is through the use of the Activity Monitor. It operates just like the Task Manager in Windows.  Image result for activity monitor on Mac

  1. Visit the Spotlight Search and begun searching for the Activity Monitor and then launch it open.
  2. Mac OS X will display the activity of the monitor which will then display the running procedures and the other activities which are operating on your Mac device.
  3. Start scrolling down and you will be able to locate the app or program that you wish to force quit on Mac.
  4. Simply choose the program and tap on Quit Process in the activity monitor and you will then be looking at a pop up which will be requiring your confirmation.
  5. Hit the button for Force Quit the app which isn’t responding will force quit on Mac.

Using Force Quit Applications Window :

Let’s imagine you have an app which isn’t responding and you have many process operating simultaneously in the activity monitor and you are too lazy to sift through the activity monitor then follow the steps below.

  1. The Mac OS X has a tool which can be opened by clicking the following buttons Command+ Option+ Escape simultaneously at one time.
  2. This would be a sort of collapsed version of the Task Manager in Windows which will display all apps which are working perfectly fine.
  3. You will see that there a text saying Not Responding beside the app which is not working. Simply tap that program and hit the button for Force Quit.

Using Apple Menu :

After following all the steps if you are still unable to force quit on Mac then try using the Apple Menu steps below.

  1. Let the app which you wish to force quit on Mac open and select it.
  2. Then click and hold the key for Shift from the keyboard and press the logo of Apple given at the top left side.
  3. Then press the button that says “Force Quit <Application Name>” to allow it to force quit on Mac instantly.

Keyboard Shortcut :

There is an alternate method that you can use to force quit on Mac in which you can make use of the keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Choose the app or program which isn’t working on the Mac device.
  2. See to it that the Top left corner of the Mac screen is displaying the name of the program which you have to force quit on Mac.
  3. Then click and hold the following Command + Option + Shift + Escape simultaneously for at least 2 seconds which will force quit the app or program on Mac. This actually is the fastest way to force quit on Mac.

Using Dock :

If you have been a Mac OS user for quite some time then you would know that all programs which are operating on the Mac OS will appear in Dock.

  1. In order to be able to force quit on Mac, tap and keep holding the key for Option on the keyboard and the click the icon for the program which you need to force quit.
  2. This will display a menu where there will be a option to for force quitting the app on Mac. Choose the option for force quit and the app will be killed instantly without having to give any kind of confirmation.

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