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DQFanSurvey | Get the Survey For a Free Dilly Bar & Secret Hack

Dqfansurvey known as a Dairy Queen Feedback Survey that helps and supports the clients or the customers to spread or to tell their review and feelings about their last experience. Dqfansurvey proposes a total free of cost Coupons or their validation code at the end of the online Dqfansurvey.dq fan survey

This survey that is online will take almost about 5 to 10 minutes achieve or to complete the feedback/response. The best part of this is that it’s well-known for its best and delicious ice-creams and also it’s services. The brand provides a survey for all the customers for the completion in exchange for a free of cost Dilly Bar prize for their next visit.

Home Screen of the Survey

Let me show you the visual when you land on the homepage.

DQFanSurvey Homepage

DQFanSurvey | Requirements 

Following are the requirements of the Survey at dqfansurvey.comdqfansurvey Requirements

  • You should have a receipt with the survey code present on it that has Time and date as well on it.
  • You also should have any of the device your cell phone or any tablet that has an internet connectivity.
  • English, French or Spanish language general knowledge should be known.

Process to Take The Survey 

  1. Have a purchase so that you can have your bill, and remember to save your receipt.
  2. Visit online at
  3. Insert the 19-digit code of survey that is mentioned on your receipt that you have after the purchase.
  4. Select the language to avail the survey in any language that are mentioned in the previous step.
  5. Every survey question should be filled. It’s mandatory.
  6. The code that is present at your receipt should be written on the end of the receipt. That would be helpful for your next visit to avail the free Dilly bar.

Free Dairy Queen Coupons

After the each survey the customer is rewarded with the free validation code to get the free food as they complete an online survey.

It’s a requirement to visit again afterwords with their receipt and a coupon code with the that they have received at the end of the survey. Save the validation code to get free food from the stores.

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Response of the Customers

The major aim of the DQ Feedback Survey is to provide a perfect services, better food and the best staff experience. This feedback enables the chain of the restaurant to maintain it’s worth.DQFanSurvey Customer Response

As we  know that it offers free coupon codes, for that the online survey requires all the questions to be answered honestly. Some of the basic questions would be asked in the survey we request you to solve it honestly.

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Hidden DQFanSurvey Hack

It’s a key to the way that you can  take a survey every time you have a visit at DQ. This clearly shows that you can get a free Dilly bar or the recent promo coupon everytime.

Happy DQ-ing & let me know how it goes!

Contact Dairy Queen

Phone number: 1 (866) 793-7582

Contact online: online contact form

Business Addresses 


DQ Canada
1111 International Blvd.
P.O. Box 430
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3
Number: 905-639-1492


American DQ Corporation
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200

United States

American Dairy Queen Corporation
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200

Orange Julius of America
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200

Karmelkorn Shoppes, Inc.
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200

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