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How to Download ZIP Files on iPhone and iPad?

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Archives are those tiny devils that occupy huge part of anyone’s Internet’s bandwidth and this becomes even more difficult to manage on iPhone. If you don’t know how to download zip files on iPhone or iPad then you have definitely ended up on the right place. Many people become handicapped on their iPads and iPhones when they are stuck with a ZIP files and keep on trying multiple apps and methods to fix it only in the end find themselves switching of their iDevice in frustration. To make this simple for you, we have researched upon many apps that are built for this purpose and finally found one that would effectively let you download ZIP Files on iPhone and iPad.

How to Download zip files on iPhone and iPad with jailbreak :

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Jailbreak kind of becomes a life saving drug when it comes to file management on iPhone using effective file manages such as iFile which need jailbreaking to operate and it is no joke that jailbreaking is not everyone’s cup of tea because this can present serious security issues to your Apple Device! But you should thank your Apple App Store that offers many Apps which lets you easily download ZIP files on iPhone and iPad which we are planning to discuss about in this blog.

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The App that ranks at the top in such a scenario for file management is Total. This app is a complete solution and package to manage ZIP file downloads on iPhone and iPad. The best part is that this app is ready for download in the Apple App Store in its free version which is supported by advertisement while the paid version lets you enjoy other added features as well.  The top features of the Total App are listed below:

  • Total will let you download any type of file format on your iPad or iPhone including the. Zip, Rar, 7z, Gz, MKV, Mp3. You name the format and Total will have a solution for you. The perks are so endless that each time you think about downloading stuff on your iPhone, you will always consult the Total App.
  • The built in browser of Total lets you directly download files from the web pages which require a registration, signing in process or any kind of verification.
  • The Pro version of the Total App downloader comes with the tool that lets you download many files at the same time in background which sadly free versions of Total don’t allow!
  • Total also has its own File Manager built inside the App in addition to a video plus an audio player which proves highly beneficial when you have to download and watch movies or audio files.

Now coming to the main topic which is to download ZIP files on iPhone and iPad for which it is essential that you read and follow the in detail guideline compiled for you beneath. This process supports file management on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

  • The first thing you should do is visit your Apple App Store and search for the Total App which you must download in its free or paid for version.
  • Once the Total App has finished downloading, launch it from your Home Screen.
  • When you will open the Total Downloader you will see an in built browser present in the Total downloader. This is where you can surf the web just like you do in a Safari Web Browser.
  • The next step is to open the web link or page from where your ZIP file is present, ready for download on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Then find and click on the button which says Download just like you would do on your computer and the Total Downloader will start the zip file download automatically after it as picked up the ZIP file.
  • If the file doesn’t download, Tap on the Download Button show in the screen.
  • Then you must visit the main menu and choose all the downloads to see the ones that have finished downloading or are in the process of downloading.

How to download zip files on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

When you see that the ZIP files have downloaded successfully on your iPhone or iPad, you can start the process of extraction from within the Total App and the ZIP file which has successfully been extracted will then be available for viewing in the Total Downloader App.

Hurrah! There you have it folks, an effectively working method that lets you download any kind of ZIP files of any format on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. It also decompresses the file for you for which you don’t even need to jailbreak. If this method worked out well for you then you must share it with your friends and family who are Apple users.

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