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Download SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Latest version (2018)

Am I right that you are in search of SimCity BuildIt mod apk for Android phone and other device like tablet with unlimited Simoleons, NeoSimoleons, SimCash, Golden Keys, Platinum Keys, money, and coins? For You have made a perfect and accurate decision. SimCity BuildIt mod is the latest version that works on every Android device.

About SimCity BuildIt Mod APK

It is an Android variant of the most famous computer game SimCity produced by Electronic Arts. It’s a free of cost game.

The main aim of the game is to create the city of your desires. The place where you rule, and makes people live according to you. You should be a smart ruler or a mayor to make people happy.SimCity BuildIt app

The game included three zones i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial. Every zone has it’s own set of buildings and every building can be upgraded on the higher scale that results in the increase of the revenue generation and all. By the time when the city starts to expand, you are supposed to make your citizens are getting all the required. including power, sewerage and other waste management. Another your job is to provide the residents with services like police, fire and such other things.

5 in-game currencies are present which are Simpleons, SimCash, Golden Keys, Platinum keys, and NeoSimoleons. these can be earned or purchased.and they can also be used to purchase buildings, upgrade resources, or perform other. The above mentioned was the full introduction of the game. Moving further we will make you learn about the features and installation of SimCity BuildIt mod apk on Android devices.

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Following are the features of the game enabled from the beginning :SimCity BuildIt Mod

  • No Root Access Required – This version doesn’t require to have a rooted Android phone or any other device.
  • Connect to Facebook – Though it is a modded version, but can still log in to connect to your Facebook account and sync your SimCity BuildIt game progress.
  • Unlimited In-Game Resources – You will be provided with the unlimited Golden Keys, unlimited Platinum Keys, unlimited Simoleons, unlimited NeoSimoleons, unlimited SimCash, unlimited coins, unlimited money, and unlimited cash so you can purchase whatever you want.
  • Already Constructed Buildings – Many buildings have been already created and upgraded to their highest level.
  • Full Happiness Level – 
  • Your city will have 100% happiness level.
  • Omega Buildings – All the buildings and resources are upgraded to the omega level.
  • Massive Population – Your city will have a population of whopping of about 8 million.


Installation process of SimCity BuildIt mod version will delete all of the existing save game process. We will suggest you to create a backup file of your game.

The SimCity BuildIt mod apk installer has given the modified SimCity BuildIt apk, Data (obb),, mega mod and save files. To install them properly install and run the SimCity BuildIt mod apk on your Android.SimCity BuildIt Mod APK

  1. If you have the actual SimCity BuildIt app already installed on your phone then first you need to uninstall it.
  2. Download SimCity BuildIt mod apk from the link given .
  3. First, enable the option that allows the installation process of apps fro unknown sources.
  4. Start the installation process of SimCity BuildIt Mod Installer apk.
  5. Once it has been installed you will see the application on the home screen. Just click on it and installer will automatically begin extracting and preparing all the required files.
  6. All the extracted files you will see a prompt asking to install an update for the existing version.
  7. A complete installed you will get the SimCity icon on the display screen. DON’T LAUNCH THE GAME YET.
  8. Turn on the Airplane Mode or turn off both WiFi and Mobile Data.
  9. Launch the SimCity BuildIt game. “Mayor, your city has not been online for 3 days. Please connect to the internet to continue.” This will appear in front of you.
  10. This happened when you are supposed to turn off Airplane mode or turn on WiFi connection.
  11. Retry it.
  12. You will be seeing a loading screen.
  13. You will now receive a message “Your offline progress will be saved to the server when you reconnect.” Tap on OK button.

Now, enjoy the game with it’s best features and unlimited resources, money, cash, Golden Keys and such other things. Have fun with the game after following the 13 important steps.


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