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Download Peel Smart Remote APK For All Remotes Latest Version (2018)

Do you desire a smart and universal remote controller that can allow you control your TV, set-top box, a full entertainment system. Simply download Peel Smart Remote APK for your Android phone/tablet devices and make it your universal remote.Peel remote

Peel Smart Remote is a delicate app that provides to change your Android smartphone or any tablet devices into a remote. Blaster equipped in your device to transform your device into a universal remote controller and help you unfailingly control your television set, set-top box, Blu-ray player, DVD player, Apple TV, heater, air conditioner or any other appliance that can be controlled with the IR blaster.

It is important to note that if your Android smartphone or Tablet device is not equipped with the IR blaster. After that you are not bound to use any of the Peel Smart Remote features.

About Peel Smart Remote

This is designed and developed by Peel Technologies and displays native support for more than 400,00 devices. In any case your desired requirement is not applicable then Peel Smart Remote app will help you to add it manually.


With the help of massive support for the devices. This application  can easily replace all of your home electronics and appliances remote controls and make your smartphone the only remote controller.

It’s more pointed towards TV users as it suggests tons of features like searching your loved TV shows by genre, you can easily find a detailed description of all the episodes and see them on the exact time. You can even find the TV schedule for each channel right on your smartphone, without even turning on your TV. ?


Following functionalities are offered by the Peel Smart Remote :

Smart remote on android devices

  • Universal Remote Control – Peel Smart Remote works as the universal remote controller for all of the devices.
  • Easy Setup – Set your smartphone with Peel Smart Remote app and to add new appliances is very easy. Select the appliance type, choose the manufacturer, and then select a model number from the list.
  • Easy to Use – It’s one of the most easiest application to use you can then quickly pull up the saved remote from the list and control your desired appliance.
  • Reminder For Your Favorite Shows – This app supports to set a calendar reminder for your loved TV Shows and movies, and reminds you of its so you never miss any show.
  •  Easy To Find Favorite Channels – The Peel Smart Remote app is customization and let you switch to your favorite TV channels and TV shows with just a tap on a button, this makes it easy for you to find where your favorite channels actually are.
  • Visual TV Program Guide – It’s the smart universal remote controller so it does works as a visual TV program guide and guides you in finding out to be updated program guide.


The recent and updated version of the Peel Smart Remote APK is now present for download for Android smartphone and another device :


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