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Download Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy APK

Are you in a search for a dependable and trustworthy free VPN proxy app that can guide in the maintenance of anonymity while browsing the Internet Securely on your Android Device? Or you might desire to unblock the blocked websites? Hotspot Shield will be the best solution if you are in any of these scenarios. Learn how to download Hotspot Shield apk.Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield is a famous free VPN app, that is made by a company named AnchorFree. It guides you to hide your actual identity behind the shield and provides you private, safe and unrestricted access to the Internet. Let us move ahead to learn how to download the Hotspot Shield apk.

About Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for Android is basically designed in such a way to create an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) and then routed all the Internet traffic of any of your mobile device with the help of that VPN proxy server. This proxy server hides your real IP address to confirm that your identity is protected and you can search the Internet securely and privately while remaining online anonymously.Hotspot vpn apk

The usage of VPN is not only limited to protecting one’s online identity, many Internet users opt for Android VPN app too because they want to access the specific content, information, or website that is restricted already. And there are other Internet users who are worried about the misuse of their information that has been accessed. These users use Hotspot Shield VPN service as an added layer of security to secure online activities.

No worries if it’s a mobile device or computer, to set an average VPN proxy requires you to go through complex and a lengthy configurations. But the reason that why Hotspot Shield VPN has became the favorite VPN application of many of the users. This is so due to it’s easy and smooth interface and does not require any technical knowledge. Just one click on the button and your connection will be then saved.

The only thing that you actually need to download and install Hotspot Shied APK on your Android device. After that open the app and click on the button. See how simple is it…. 🙂


Apart from the offering your protection for your privacy from the snoopers and allowing you an unrestricted access to the earthly blocked content and websites.

Here I have mentioned the most beneficial points of the Hotspot Shield on your Android device.

Benefits Of Free VPN Hotspot Shield APK


Hotspot Shield apk is a feature-rich mobile app for Android Devices. It allows you to :

  • Conceal Your Real IP Address – The moment you go online, there is always a risk of any stranger spying on your personal information. Hotspot Shield VPN hides your real IP address and assigns you a new US based IP address.
  • Secure Online Activities – To hide your IP address alone can secure your online activities due to the hackers, spammer or other thieves can not be able to identify your real location. This provides you a secure and private connectivity to the Internet.
  • Protect From Malware – Many different websites are effected by the malware and malicious content and some are phishing and spam websites, This is actually where Hotspot Shield’s built-in security feature. This automatically detects and block those site from and might harm your phone.


The download of the Hotspot Shield APK latest version for your Android phone and tablet devices from the mentioned link below :



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