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Dm Verity Verification Failed- An Easy Fix!

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Many people who have purchased Samsung Galaxy smartphones have begun facing a strange error in their devices. Previously it was seen that this strange error is occurring in a handful of devices but recently more and more complaints have emerged. What happens in this error is that the Samsung Galaxy smartphones enter into a boot loop and when you boot your device, all you see is the Dm Verity Verification failed error on your display screen. If you are seeing this trouble on your Android device then no need to be bothered by it anymore because in this post we are bringing an easy fix for this annoying trouble.

How to fix Dm Verity verification failed error?

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Before we proceed ahead to the fix for the Dm Verity Verification Failed error let’s get in order all the pre-requisites you need to arrange for this to work. You will require the following.

  1. A Windows installed PC. You may be able to work out this fix using a Mac device as well but we haven’t really tried Mac for this.
  2. Reliable internet access because if you don’t have a stable internet network then the time taken for this solution to work will be way too long.
  3. A USB cable for connecting your Android phone to your PC.
  4. You will also need an Odin flash tool which is used as a flash for Samsung phones and you can Download it from here.
  5. USB drivers will also be required for your phone. You can install the Samsung USB drivers from here on your charged PC. When the installation is done, reboot your PC.
  6. You should also download some files but we will get to those in the detailed process described below.

Fixing the Dm Verity Verification Failed Error :

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  1. You must complete the downloading process for the Samsung Firmware for your Android device. This is extremely essential and we advise you to fix firmware for your device by visiting this website If you aren’t aware of your model number then you can search it on your device’s box.
  2. Then you must put your Samsung Galaxy phone on the Download Mode. In order to do this you must click and keep holding the VolUp + Power + Home key for at least 5 seconds and a warning display will appear. Don’t panic, this is normal!
  3. In order to go into the Download mode, you must choose the option that says Continue which can be chosen using the key for VolUp. Tap the VolUp key and your phone will go into Download mode.
  4. In the next step get your phone connected to your PC through the USB cable. You should try using the original Samsung USB cable and stay away from other second hand or copies of cables.
  5. When your device gets detected by your PC, start extracting your firmware from your device and here you must complete the extraction for the Odin zip file as well. This is the firmware which would occupy a big file but it will require a lot of time so you must stay put.
  6. When you are done with this, in the Odin folder you can locate the file under the name for odin3.exe and the moment you launch the Odin file, you will be able to locate your device that has been detected by the firmware previously. If your phone doesn’t get detected by Odin, re-install the USB drivers.
  7. Tap on the AP button and choose the file which is saved under the name tar.md5 which would be saved after you have completed the extraction of the firmware. AP file size usually is huge and it would take Odin a few minutes to respond to your command so you shouldn’t panic if Odin is displaying the “Not Responding” sign because this is normal.
  8. The ultimate task is to press the “Start” button which will begin the flashing procedure and if you wish to get your device back to normal mode, don’t disconnect your device from your PC yet neither should you switch off your PC. If you do this then there will be a disaster waiting to happen.
  9. After a few minutes have elapsed, you will be looking at a PASS status from the Odin Window in green color. This is the moment when you should remove your phone from your PC and reboot it just like a normal device in a normal routine.

What to do when you are stuck at the Samsung Logo?

This section of the post is only for those users who have their devices stuck at the “Samsung” logo and the phone isn’t moving ahead even after 15 minutes has elapsed.

  1. Click and keep holding the VolUp + Power + Home keys altogether for at least 5 seconds and your device will reboot into the recovery mode.
  2. This is that mode where you will be able to factory reset your device. Go to the Recovery Mode through the Volume Keys and click the Power Button to choose the option for “Wipe data/Factory Reset” from the displayed options in the list.

This will remove all kinds of kinks and troubles in the firmware.

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