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Dash VPN APK- A Useful Download Guide!

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VPNs are gaining popularity each passing day as more and more people are getting awareness on the importance of online security and privacy. In our previous posts we have covered the basics of VPN, its operating protocols and the method to operate other apps such as Hola VPN which have adopted a unique approach in the world of VPN’s. However it seems like still many people are highly interested in reading about VPN apps. Hence in this post we will talk about a VPN app compatible with Android known with the name of Dash VPN APK. We will also give a short review on the VPN app and will also bring you the official Dash VPN APK download link.

What is Dash VPN?

Dash VPN is an app which was designed for Android operating system and it lets you keep your online activity private and secure by giving you a connection with VPN free of cost. However we all are aware that nothing in this world comes for “free” and same is the case with Dash VPN APK.

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The Dash VPN App operates on a model Freemium where it can be accessed for free however you will have to give some credit to the manufacturers by watching advertisements or you can simply make a payment for removal of the ads. We advise you to pay for the Dash VPN as the servers which are used for this to work are expensive to buy and maintain.

How Dash VPN works ?

Dash VPN APK operates on a simple working platform and it isn’t like the Hola VPN APK which utilizes your internet for the VPN to work.  All you need to do is complete the installation of the Dash VPN APK file on your Android device using the link for download given beneath. This app lets you get connected to any of the servers of VPN and you can safely surf the internet through a Virtually Private connection.

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The IP address you are on will be covered with another IPP address that belongs to the VPN server. Your location will also be covered adding an extra privacy layer for secure online internet surfing.

What is the download link for Dash VPN APK ?

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If you can launch the Google Play Store on your Android device then we would advise you to complete the installation of Dash VPN using the Play Store. However if your Android device doesn’t support the Google Play Store or you can’t use it for any reason then the direct download link for the Dash VPN APK file is given below for your ease.


How to Install Dash VPN APK ?

Installing the Dash VPN APK is a fairly simple procedure especially if you have the experience of installing an APK file before on your Android device, the process will become even simpler. However assuming that you haven’t read our previous blogs we will talk about the process from scratch.

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  1. The first thing you need to accomplish is to download the Dash VPN APK file in your Android device. If you have this APK file on your computer then you have to transfer it on your phone using a compatible connection cable.
  2. Then give the permission for the 3rd-party APK files to install by visiting the Settings section. You only have to do this once and if you have followed this step in the past then skip it. Go to Settings and then find your way to Security section then find the “Unknown Sources”. Simply enable this option.
  3. Visit the “downloads section” from your phone where your Dash VPN APK file is downloaded. Launch this open.
  4. Then all you have to do is obey the on screen instructions and complete the installation of the Dash VPN APK file. Go to your Home Screen and you will find the icon for the Dash VPN APK there somewhere.

How to use the Dash VPN APK ?

Switch ON your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to get connected to any internet access as this app will not operate without being connected to the internet. Launch the Dash VPN APK app and you will be looking at a UI with the map of the world with certain buttons underneath it. See the bottom side of the screen and you will see a section for “Server”. Select the location of the server you wish to get connected to.

After making the selection, hit the button for “CONNECT” given in green and the advertisement will begin playing. This is important for the app to work, once the ad is done playing, close it using the display corner.

Once again hit the Connect button again and around this time the device will be connected easily with your chosen server. For verification, launch the Google Chrome Browser on your Android device and enter “what is my IP address” then Google servers will inform you if you are in connection to the VPN server from your location.

When you are done using the VPN server, remember to disconnect it because using VPN’s will cause your internet to slow down because all internet traffic will move through an encryption process and get routed using the VPN server.

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