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CLONEit APK- The Download Guide!

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If you have shifted to a new smart phone and are worried about the trouble of transferring the old data to your new device then no need to worry about that hassle anymore.  In this post today we are bringing you a permanent automated fix to this issue through the user of the CLONEit APK app. The name of the app says it all, what this app does is it creates a clone of all your data and hence in this guide we will be discussing all the tools that are available in the CLONEit APK and will also guide you how valid this fix is when it comes to transferring data between two devices.

Note: First of all we want to make it clear that this tutorial isn’t sponsored or is paid for, we are only bringing you this tutorial because the app for CLONEit is an excellent solution to the data transfer troubles and many people make use of it on daily basis and hence it is imperative that we bring a comprehensive guide on CLONEit APK.

Features of CLONEit APK

CLONEit APK has numerous features however we have listed the top three most useful tools out of these.

CLONEit APK interface

1. It uses Wi-Fi Direct rather than Bluetooth

In case you don’t know about the Wi-Fi Direct tool then let us tell you that these days most of the smart phones of Android come equipped with the built-in Wi-Fi direct  feature and CLONEit makes use of it to bring the best to its users. It generates a connection between two smart phones using the Wi-Fi Direct for transferring data between two devices.

2. CLONEit doesn’t need Internet

If you are concerned about the safety of your data then you need not to worry because CLONEit APK doesn’t need Internet to transfer or to receive information and all the transfer of data takes place offline and hence it cannot be hacked by anyone.

3. Send Any type of Data

CLONEit APK allows you to share any kind of data such as audio files, video clips, apps, text messages, call logs images and much more unlike other apps such as the   other apps like ShareCloud. With CLONEit APK you can even shift your Settings to the new phone.

How to use CLONEit APK app?

CLONEit APK can be accessed on the Android platform and hence if you are transferring to an iOS device then folks you may have to find another option. We advise you to install the CLONEit APP directly from the Play Store however you can also download the CLONEit APK file using the link given beneath.

  1. The first thing of course that you need to do is complete the download process and installation of the CLONEit APK app on both of the Android devices that are in concern and then launch the app on both of the phones.
  2. Then click the button which says “Sender” on the old phone and click the button for tap “Receiver” on the new device.Image result for CLONEit apk
  3. The old phone will begin setting up the Wi-Fi hotspot and the new device will begin scanning for the old device.
  4. Hit the button for Old phone on the screen display of the New phone. You will then be shown a prompt on the old device to see it to it that connection is getting established between two phones. Then click OK.
  5. The connection between two devices will establish in a few seconds and then you can select on your new device all the information you wish to import. You can also click the option for “Click here to choose details” given at the bottom side and select the particular files you want to import on the new phone.
  6. In the end you must click the button for “Start” and CLONEit APK will display the total size of the data that has been selected for transfer and the time that it will take to fetch all this information. Click the button for OK and the data will start getting transferred to the new device.

How to Install CLONEit Apk :

Download CLONEit APK file latest version

The link we are sharing ahead is an auto update link for the CLONEit APK file and once you successfully download it will automatically install all updates when they are released. If you are here just for the link then feel free to use it.


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