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Cider APK- Now Enjoy iOS Apps on Android!

If you are also one of those people who can afford an Android phone but look forward to enjoying iOS apps then Cider APK can prove to be your savior. In this post, we will talk about what Cider App is, how can you download, install and use Cider APK for running iOS apps on your Android phone.

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Why install iOS apps on Android?

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If you have been an Android user then you would already be familiar with the fact that iPhone and Android are two totally opposing platforms. It is almost next to impossible to get your favorite iOS Apps running on Android however if you are not really acquainted with any of these platforms, let us explain it to you with the help of a story.

The story comprises on a person purchasing his first Android Smartphone here and if you don’t want to read the story and are only here for Cider APK, you can skip down this part.

So when this guy got his first ever Android Smartphone, iPhone used to be a dream for many people due to its handsome value and this person thought that all the smartphones are more or less the same serving common purposes. So he decided to settle for an HTC Wildfire S instead assuming that it is equipped with a double-valued RAM as that of the iPhone 3G however soon he came to know that iPhone even with half of the RAM is multiple folds faster than the Android device.  Then he got to know that iPhone has the magical iOS that is totally different than Android.

Can the Android apps be installed on iPhone?

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As we have already established earlier that Android and iOS are totally different systems, it is important to note that the system of Android is an open source one while, iOS has a closed system. Apple doesn’t let its users download an app which is not from the Apple App Store and the Android is totally opposite of it. Any manufacturer can design an app for Android and users will be able to install it.

Android operates on the virtual java ecosystem while the iOS doesn’t need to operate on any virtual machine. In a nutshell, it is almost impossible to use the apps off on your Android. Even if you somehow manage to download iOS apps on Android, they will operate very slowly.

What is Cider App?

Cider is this useful app which will let you operate iOS apps on Android phones but it operates on a system similar to the iOS emulator for Android. The apps don’t operate on the Android phone in reality and we advise you not to go for this, in fact, you can use other apps from Google Play Store to run iOS UI on Android. If you Want to Download Cider Apk Then click this link

How to install Cider APK on your Android Phone?

Installing the Cider APK file doesn’t have a procedure any more different than that for a normal APK file. All you need to do is perform a simple process and you will get the Cider APK file on your Android. If you have performed the installation of any APK file previously, then this process must not be new for you and those who keep installing APK files frequently, this should be a piece of cake now. We have shared many tutorials for APK files installation in our blogs and the following is one of them for Cider APK.

  1. The first thing of course that you need to accomplish is to successfully download the Cider APK file onto your Android phone. If you have this on your computer then you will need to transfer the Cider APK to your phone through a cable.
  2. Then launch the Settings of your Android phone and find your way into the Security section, here you will see a section for ‘Unknown Sources’. If this is already in the enabled position then leave it like this and visit back the Home Screen.
  3. Then you should go to the folder for downloads in the storage of your SD Card and in this list, you will see the downloaded Cider APK file that you did earlier. Simply click this file and you will be taken to the installation window.
  4. Click the button for Install and give the Cider APK some time to finish installing the app. Visit your Home Screen and you can access the Cider App easily.


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