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Chromecast with Kodi- All the ways you need to know!

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Those who have had the privilege of using it would agree that the Google Chromecast is indeed smoothest of streaming devices that are available out there. Streaming from the Google Chromecast is extremely convenient however there are times when using the network for streaming apps such as Kodi becomes a little difficult. But now you need not to worry, we are bringing you a tutorial on how to Chromecast with Kodi.

In order to simplify the procedure for your ease we will divide the tutorial for Chromecast with Kodi into two sections, one method would be a straightforward one but will consume your battery while the other will although be a longer method however will not eat up your battery hence you can make your choice which one you wish to proceed with. For this tutorial we did our test run for using Chromecast with Kodi on an Android device because streaming through any iOS device is not compatible.

How to Chromecast with Kodi?

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The simple way

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  1. Launch the Chromecast App open on your Android device. Then go to the section for Menu and choose the option for “Cast screen/audio”. Obey the shown prompts to get connected with chromecast.
  2. Then Launch the app for Kodi. Locate and play the video file you wish to watch.
  1. The video will begin playing on both of the device. This will eat up your battery because you cannot switch off the screen or perform your other tasks in the background.

The long way :

  1. In the first step see to it that you downloaded kodiEs file explorerlocal cast and player factory core.
  2. Launch the Es file explorer and go to the section for Settings and then navigate to the Display Settings. See to it that “show hidden files” option is selected.
  3. See that the Kodi Media Center is in connection with the Kodi App.
  4. Then go to the folder where the playerfactorycore.xml file is downloaded and saved. Copy this file.
  5. Then visit to Android and then to Data and then to the org.xbmc.kodi where you must find the section for Files and finally to Kodi where you must find the folder of userdata. Paste the copied playerfactorycore.xml file into this folder.
  6. Then Launch the app for kodi and begin searching for the video that you wish to watch. It will then open the local cast app instantly. If it asks to select from between Chromecast and Local Cast, choose the option for local cast.
  7. When it has finished loading you will be asked to play and select the device for streaming. You will once again be prompted to play and then you can finally enjoy watching the video on TV that is in connection with the Chromecast.
  • If you don’t understand this steps then please don’t panic just see the video below and Enjoy Kodi chromecast : 

Use Kodi TV as Chromecast :

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If you want to do something that is totally different than what is explained above then below we have given a detailed guide on how you can access any link and watch it on your Kodi TV using your smart phone device. So we are bringing you a method of converting your Kodi TV into Chromecast.

Android gives more options than the iOS and which is why we would advise you to use an Android phone to Chromecast with Kodi TV.

  1. Firstly launch the section for Settings from the Kodi TV and then visit the section for System and go to Services where you must enable the Remote control.
  1. Then visit the section for Settings and to System Info and write down the IP address assigned to the Kodi TV.
  2. Then complete the installation for the Kore Kodi Remote app on your cell phone.
  3. When this app has finished installing on your Android smart phone, launch this app and it will start scanning for your Kodi TV that is available on the network.
  4. Then get your Kodi TV connected using the remote app and here you must minimize this Kore Kodi app by making use of the Home Button.
  5. Then launch any of the video links such as the link for Google Chrome or YouTube app and simply hit the option for Share.
  6. Here you will be looking at a few options from which you must choose the option for “Play on Kodi”. This will transfer the link to the TV and you can switch off your Wi-Fi on your smart phone and the video will then keep playing just like it would on Chromecast.

So folks what are you waiting for? Simply go ahead with any of the described procedure above and enjoy Chromecast with Kodi. If you found any of these tutorials useful then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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