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CB Enabler For Gear VR- The Download Guide !

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The world of virtual and augmented reality in the entertainment world is progressing at a rapid pace each passing day and many multinational corporations such as Samsung are working hard day and night to make their clients download and use only company’s manufactured virtual reality hardware. We can build a pile of arguments supporting this however when you spend money on buying such gadgets you should also be given the permission to use it however you want.

Sadly, Samsung doesn’t allow you to use the apps of Google Cardboard for the Gear VR. Today we are bringing you a post describing the procedure to make use of the CB Enabler for Gear VR in order to support the apps of Google Cardboard apps for the Gear VR. There is a wide collection of games and other apps that can be accessed through the platform of Google Cardboard but you won’t be able to use them with the Gear VR.

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Before the Gear VR became available in the market, many users were already the customers of Google Cardboard apps to enjoy on the Gear VR but sadly they cannot enjoy these apps anymore on the exquisite Gear VR because Samsung doesn’t want this to happen. Hence this in detail guide is intended for those wish to enjoy the apps of Gear VR apps and the famous Galaxy Gear VR games.

CB Enabler for Gear VR APK Download Guide

The CB Enabler for Gear VR app provides you a platform where you will be able to enjoy any content related to virtual reality in support of the Google Cardboard using your Gear VR hardware. What it does essentially is that it makes the Gear VR appear as Google Cardboard. Another amazing thing about the CB enabler for Gear VR is that it had highly advanced tools for the improvement of the blurring you see during motion videos. You can toggle these settings to enjoy even a further enhanced experience of the virtual reality using the Gear VR hardware.

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CB Enabler for Gear VR was previously accessible through the Google Play Store but sadly it isn’t available anymore. You will be required to download its APK file.

  1. The first task you need to do is to finish the APK installation process on your Android device.
  2. There are a handful of websites that are giving you access to the CB Enabler for Gear VR APK but if you wish go access its Download link without having to complete any boring surveys then visit the download link given ahead.
  3. Launch this APK file and if you see a pop for “Install Blocked” visit the Settings section on your phone and give permission to the “Unknown Sources” by enabling that option.
  4. When the CB Enabler for Gear VR app has finished its installation, launch it on your phone and click on the Google Cardboard.
  5. After this the Gear VR will work as the Google Cardboard and you will be able to enjoy any game and app you wish to that was originally created for the Google Cardboard.
  6. Later on if you wish to enjoy games that were specifically designed for the Gear VR, you can access the CB Enabler for Gear VR app and click the Gear VR image to switch the mode.
  7. If you see that some issues are arising with luring of motion then we advise you should launch the CB Enabler for Gear VR app and click the option for “Improve Motion Blur”
  8. This is where you will be able to personalize the VR experience in Google Cardboard apps and its available Games.

What if CB Enabler for Gear VR APK doesn’t work on your Android phone ?

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CB Enabler for Gear VR APK might not operate if you own a Android Marshmallow or its subsequent later version. On all of these Android versions, you will require the assistance of paid apps from the Play Store known as “Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR”.

For downloading the APK file, you can use the link given ahead. This is it folks on a short and quick review for the CB Enabler for Gear VR APK.

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